Great Times for the Consumers with Companies Offering Unprecedented Discounts and Freebies

The difficult economic times may have stalled the growth of the Indian economy, but the consumer segment is experiencing brilliant times with unprecedented offers flowing in from the companies

The economic predicament prevalent in India has made it invariable difficult for almost all industrial sectors, to maintain the growth rates, they had been prone to about a couple of years ago. The situation in fact has warranted different measures from the respective companies, to sustain profitability and clear up the piling inventory. The consumers too have felt the heat of the situation, and this has reflected in the form of a marked decrease in their discretionary expenditures, which has in turn affected the sales figures of important companies providing essential commodities. With reduced demand, and huge stocks of products going unused, the companies are offering lucrative deals to the consumers, so as to bring them into purchasing mode.

All firms leading from apparel stores, fitness chains to FMCG organizations, are offering unprecedented deals on regular products. The pack is lead by heavy manufacturers, such as the ones from the automotive sector, where deals are reaching levels of reasonability, unheard of in the Indian market. Offers made by stalwarts such as the Czech automaker SKODA, which involved the free delivery of a vehicle on the purchase of another, have changed the definition of discounts, and show the severity of the situation that currently prevails.

The discounts and freebies being offered are expected to continue throughout the current quarter, as the economic situation isn’t expected to race its way to stability. This makes the current times, arguably the best for the purchase of important and pricy commodities, considering the future may warrant a sudden hike or discontinuation of some products.


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