4 Hacks To Keep Your Electricity Bills Low

By | May 7, 2020

Has the lockdown seen your electricity bill shoot up? Worry not; here are four ways to control your power usage while you’re indoors.

4 Hacks To Keep Your Electricity Bills Low

While staying indoors has certainly helped curb your commute and entertainment expenses, it may have spiked up other expenses like your electricity bill. With work from home adapted across the globe, it’s only natural to see a rise in household power consumption. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do much about it.

Below are four hacks to help you keep your energy bills pocket friendly.

1) Assign Yourself A Workstation

Wondering why? Well, apart from the obvious benefits of giving your day some much needed structure and organisation, chalking out a specific ‘workplace’ at home can benefit you in more ways than one. Let’s take your electricity bill for instance. While most of us may be vigil about switching off lights and fans when we move out of a particular room, one runs the risk of forgetting such plebeian tasks on a busy work day. If you’re the kind who moves from place to place during different hours of the work day, you’re more likely to leave lights and fans on because you end up moving around a lot. Eliminate the chances of this happening by staying put in one space. Also, don’t forget to switch off your laptop charger when you’re done with work; it hardly takes a second.

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2) Use Reminders If You Have To

Let’s paint a picture to understand this better. You’re all set to have your bath, so you switch on your geyser 15 minutes prior to it. During the wait time, you get an important work mail that needs quick attention. In such cases, you run the risk of leaving your geyser on and diving deep into your work. If this sounds familiar to you, you can just set a reminder on your phone whenever you switch on major power-consuming appliances so that you don’t end up keeping them on. Write it down or set an alarm; whatever works for you is great.

3) Walk Around The House Once Every 2 Hours

You’re bound to move around in your office space because you’ll be making visits to the pantry or the water dispenser. However, in a work-from-home scenario, it is only natural for all of us to keep everything handy and within reach before sitting down for work. While this is ergonomically sensible, it can make you feel like a potato by the end of the day, because you won’t realise that you haven’t moved around all day. Avoid this from happening by taking a stroll around your house every now and then. Not only will it make you feel more energetic and benefit your posture, it can also serve as a timely review of all your appliances and switches. As you enter each room, notice if you’ve left anything on – you’re sure to cut back on bills and calories; double win!

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4) Embrace Natural Light

At home, you’re no longer bound by a centralised air conditioner and four opaque walls around your cubicle. This is great for two reasons; fresh air and natural light. Yep, a great way to cut back on energy bills is to find a place that’s optimal for work but also gives you a enjoyable breeze and a good amount of sunlight during the day. Not only will this keep your power usage in check, it will also promote better health in the long run.

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This work from home scenario is a temporary one, so make sure you utilise it to your best ability and come out of this smarter and happier than ever! Also, just like how you can save money on bills, you can save time on finding financial products like Credit Cards & Home Loans by simply clicking the link below.

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