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Abhishek is responsible for’s Business Operations and Partner Management activities. Abhishek has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research and is a University rank holder in Engineering from Punjab Technical University. Prior to joining BankBazaar, Abhishek worked with the retail banking division of ICICI Bank and was handling diverse functions like Sales Operations, Customer Relationship Management and Cash Management, along with coordinating best practice projects like 5s,Six Sigma etc. Abhishek is also a green belt trained in 6-Sigma from KPMG and has a number of certifications from NSDL.

10 tips for a smooth home buying experience!

Should I buy, should I not? Where will I get all the money from? How did my dad manage to buy one? What if I wait and the price goes up? Like it or not, these are some of the many questions that raid our mind every time we see one of those property ads… Read More »

Video games and money lessons!

Pencils and notebooks are no longer the only things equipped with literacy and financial know-how. If you think that online games can only do one thing – spoil your child, think again. Some geek gaming experts have designed digital games which schools are using to enhance the financial awareness among children. Not all games are… Read More »

Get the right card for your lifestyle!

A decade or two back, credit card meant just one type which offered you the option of ‘buy now and pay later’. But today things have been changed like anything and you find it confusing: from where to get, what to get and what not, just because there are many players and products to choose… Read More »

Shopping on EMI? Look before you leap!

How many people can honestly say that they are not tempted to go on a shopping spree with all the stores giving festive discounts and great offers? And thanks to the considerate retailers who understand the need of liquidity at that hour and offer EMI payment options. Equated Monthly Installment technique of payment has grown… Read More »

Top 6 reasons for shopping online!

With the popularity of internet and smartphones grown to aggressive heights, consumers also have become efficiently tech savvy. From shopping of clothes to buying electrical appliances, everything has become so easy with online shopping portals. Gone are the days when you needed to browse store to store to hunt down a pair of shoes; now… Read More »

9 ways to benefit using your credit card!

Often referred to as the next generation money, credit cards have become an integral part of our lifestyle. Where there are some people who depend on their credit cards for practically everything, there are still some folks out who have taken the adage of Warren Buffet – Say No to Credit, too close to their… Read More »

5 ways to save using your credit card!

Amit, a Bangalore based entrepreneur is a frequent traveler. He was spending for all ticket purchases with his debit card, till a friend suggested that he opt for a travel centric credit card.  Amit applied for the same which collaborated with various domestic and international airlines offering discounted fares. Now Amit could save money a… Read More »

5 ways to avoid bank charges this shopping season!

When the term ‘bank charges’ comes to mind, an awful image of dwindling money bundles appears with it. Thanks to the new banking regulations, there is a hike in everything; account maintenance fee, excess withdrawal charges as well as minimum balance penalties. The result? Increase in monthly expenses, daily budget quota and decrease in the… Read More »

When is the ideal time to buy a new car?

Buying a new car is a dream come true for many people. A normal priced car may not be as big an investment as a house. Nevertheless, buying a car can be quite a strain on the pocket for the common man and more so if you opt for a high end car. Although car… Read More »

Factors affecting your car insurance rates!

Gone are the days when a four wheeler was considered something only insanely rich guys could afford. I remember the days when I was in second standard and the only classmate of mine who had a car was someone whose daddy was the chairman in State Electrical Corporation. Well you get the idea. But today… Read More »