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The good, bad and ugly of loans!

There are two aspects to everything in life and the same is true in the world of finances. Today loans are easily available for instant gratification. Be it a home loan, a loan to own that dream car or a consumer durable loan to buy the latest plasma TV, loans are available at the drop… Read More »

Inflation, budget 2015 and the homemaker!

Many people tend to overlook the position of homemakers in the Union Budget. After all, why does she need to worry? Ask your mother or wife and they will tell you how wrong you are. Now when all of us are anticipating what’s in the coming Union Budget for us, homemakers have their fingers crossed… Read More »

Getting married is easier than buying the right car!

Car buying is like getting married. The day you decide to go ahead with either of the two, all kinds of advice pour in.  From parents, relatives, distant uncles, pesky neighbours, even your local barber, the opinions can be multiple and quite often, confusing.   In fact, getting married can be relatively easier. Unless you have… Read More »

Start your retirement planning today!

All of us love to postpone things for tomorrow. Be it a resolution, a household task, a visit to your friend…‘tomorrows’ kills many opportunities and make us losers unknowingly. One such thing for which you have to pay a heavy amount for postponing is financial planning. We all love to see our wealth growing, but… Read More »

6 saving tips for new job entrants!

First of all, a hearty congratulations on your new job! Your responsibility towards life has just begun now that you have a job. Infact, you are about to become super busy – if you want to be a happy man with secured financial gains. Here are some useful tips from experienced professionals on how to… Read More »

How to claim auto insurance!

If you own an insured vehicle that just has been in an accident, you should claim for the damages beginning with reporting to your auto insurance company at the earliest opportunity. Generally, the insurance companies settle the accidental claims according to the reports of surveyor stating the extent of damage to the vehicle and if… Read More »

Five home loan truths exposed!

Home loans have become a common financial tool today to live the dream of owning a property. If you do your research you will understand there is more to the larger picture than what meets the eye at first glance! Here are five home loan truths that you may not to be exposed to during… Read More »

Pre EMIs burning your pocket?

Home loans are long term financial instruments that affect your pocket for a long term. Any excess payment made towards home loan repayment can stretch your budget and hamper your overall finances. Paying a pre EMI for under construction property is one such payment that can burn a hole in your pocket without reducing the… Read More »

5 ways to avoid holiday debt!

I can’t put my finger on it but there is just something about the holidays that tempt us into buying stuff that we do not even need. Ok, granted that gifts are an important part of these festivities and you ought to share them with family and friends but on what cost? On overall financial… Read More »

How money transfer through social media works!

Yes, you heard that correct. Now, you can readily use your Social Media account like Facebook and Twitter, to receive and transfer funds to your friends, family and acquaintances. This latest development came in 2014, thanks to banks like Kotak Mahindra and ICICI. The fund transfer has always been a matter handled either manually or… Read More »