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4 Ways To Protect Your Debit Card From Cyber Crooks

Has the recent Debit Card data breach put your stress on fifth gear? Are you concerned about losing your money and financial data? Don’t worry! Follow these tips to secure yourself from unexpected data breaches.

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IDS: Why You Should Declare Your Undisclosed Income Right Now

Haven’t disclosed a part of your income while filing tax returns in the past? Now is the right time to make full use of the Income Declaration Scheme.

Credit Cards To Get You Up Close & Personal With Coldplay

Tickets to the Coldplay concert may be virtually free but covering costs like hotel, travel, and other expenses may become too much of a burden. Consider getting a Credit Card for a stress-free experience.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots’ New Avatar – Paybots!

Ding! Next time you hear your Messenger App ping, it could be more than just a message! Facebook’s messenger chatbot is all set to don a new hybrid avatar. The app will soon be getting brand-new pay-and-shop features that will allow users to shop or transact within the app!