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An engineer turned media professional turned writer, Taher believes in learning something new every day. It is this zeal to expand his horizons which pushes him to experiment in life where the outcome might be unknown but learning is guaranteed. He truly believes that “While some think to write, others write to think”.

Don’t Let TDS Dilute Your Fixed Deposit Income

Unexpected ‘surprises’ aren’t always pleasant, especially when it comes to your investments. When you closed your Fixed Deposits, did you end up with a drizzle instead of a shower of money, thanks to TDS? Tax Deducted at Source (TDS), if not taken into account, could play havoc with your financial plans. Read on to know how to buffer the impact.

How To Get Started On Your Savings

For those of you who haven’t given a second thought about savings and retirement, remember, it’s better late than never. So, if you haven’t started already, here are some simple tips to get you on the road to a brighter, richer future.

The Circle of Life: How Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Unknowingly Finance Others

Gone are the days when people were scared to experiment and stuck to their mundane jobs for the sake of a livelihood. Today, the world is filled with entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take risks; putting their careers and savings at stake to make a mark for themselves in this competitive era. India is… Read More »