Being Social

By Nishant | September 11, 2016

Being Social

We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we do it.” – Eric Qualman

<Drumroll>. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. We present to you, BankBazaar’s very own Social Media Marketing Team!

Who Be They?
The best things come in small packets, they say. Quite true for this team. Picturing dwarves in your head, aren’t you? Sorry to disappoint. What we mean is that they’re a fairly small team of five people. But don’t let that number fool you – they do some pretty big things. Aliya, Sonal, Mriganka, Varun, and Ketki – by the powers combined, they are Team Social! Coming from varied backgrounds like engineering, journalism, bartending (you read that right), social gaming, designing, etc., they’re a creative powerhouse with diversity being their most powerful weapon. Does it get more ‘social’ than that? We think not. They all have big passions outside work like music, food, gardening, animal welfare, sports, aviation and travel. This has an influence on their approach to creating effective social content every day.

What Do They?
The Social Media Marketing Team and works as part of the Brand Marketing team at BankBazaar.  For their team, the prime objective is to create brand awareness and drive engagement through social media marketing activities. The team focuses on generating meaningful consumer interest and giving customers the opportunity to make their voices heard. They collectively manage the content and brand marketing strategy across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Quora. That’s quite a task, isn’t it? They’ve taken everything in their stride though, and in style. With every other campaign they launch going viral, we want to say that they’re good. Really good.

Now that you know them better, how about we take this to the next level? We threw a few questions at these extremely social beings and got some pretty cool answers. They were vocal about their thoughts. Like, literally. Here they are in their own words:

So, what does it take?

What would it take for someone to get into your team?
Relevant experience, a creative bent of mind and the ability to work in a highly collaborative, fast-paced atmosphere. We look for people who can bring something new to the table that adds to our team’s combined strengths.

What makes your team different from the rest?
Making sure that work is fun and that we’re excited about what we’re working on is a priority for us. We’re a good mix of crazy and … what’s the opposite of crazy?
Sounds about right, eh?

How do you get the creative juices flowing?
Mentos – dimaag ki batti jalao. Or Pulse. Or peanuts. Anything goes.
We feed off each other’s ideas and bad jokes.

Do you have any team traditions?
Making plans that we never follow through with. ‘Chai’ and compulsive snacking every day.
Okay, then.

Your typical day at BankBazaar?
When it comes to social, everyday we’re shufflin’!

The serious stuff.

The challenges you face while working?
Maintaining a balance between providing relevant information that our community needs while still keeping them entertained and engaged. Personal Finance is often considered an extremely complicated, jargon-heavy, boring field. So our biggest challenge is always about breaking those stereotypes and helping our communities understand that we speak their language and are here to simplify finance for them.

Life at BB.

What’s your favourite thing about working at BankBazaar?
When it comes to Brand Marketing, being open to taking risks and experimentation is critical to both learning from your mistakes and figuring out what works best for the brand. At BankBazaar, you rarely hear the word ‘no’. We’re backed by a management team that is always open to pushing the envelope and encouraging us to think out of the box.
Lucky devils.

Your vision for BankBazaar?
20/20! To build a brand that people know speaks their language, love to engage with, and becomes synonymous with paperless finance.

How is BankBazaar different from other organisations?
The approachability of the management team and the rapport we share with our CEO isn’t something you’ll find very often. Collaboration is key at BankBazaar and everyone gets the freedom to voice ideas, concerns, and solutions.

Lessons learnt.

What has your experience at BankBazaar taught you about Personal Finance?
Interacting with our communities and their questions on a daily basis has definitely helped us learn more about personal finance dos and don’ts. One of our biggest lessons has been that when you work so hard to make your own money, you shouldn’t leave decisions about how to make your money work for you up to someone else. It’s not as complicated as it seems and learning how to manage your own money is a critical life skill.

Parting words…

Any Personal Finance tips you’d like to share?

While you’re young, look beyond the traditional ways of saving and investing like, Mutual Funds, the stock market, etc. When it comes to investments or insurance products, the younger you get started, the cheaper and better it is. There’s a marked difference between saving and investing. Saving is a monthly discipline while investing is making your money work for you.
Wise words.

A company is like a machine. All the essential cogs have to work in harmony. The Social Media Marketing Team is doing its bit and it’s working out great. Here’s to seeing more great stuff about BankBazaar on social media!

And, that’s a wrap!

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