How To Read Your CIBIL Report

By | May 2, 2016

It’s common knowledge that a CIBIL Score is an important consideration when getting a Loan or a Credit Card. But where do you check your CIBIL score? This score is mentioned in your Credit Information Report (CIR) furnished by the CIBIL authorities. Your CIR is a detailed document of your credit accounts and gives lenders insight into your money management behaviour.

To this end, understanding the various components of your Credit Information Report can be a handy trick. Check out our chronological guide to understanding a CIR.

1.How To Read Your CIBIL Report

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2.How To Read Your CIBIL Report

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3.How To Read Your CIBIL Report

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4. How To Read Your CIBIL Report

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Reviewing your credit report at regular intervals (thrice a year is recommended) will keep you abreast of your own credit behaviour. It will allow you to rectify errors and help you maintain a good Credit Score.

A good report will help you get credit at favourable rates of interest and on favourable terms.

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