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By BankBazaar | October 16, 2016

SEO team

“The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google Search results.”

Truer words have never been spoken. The saying effectively underlines the cut-throat competition in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Ranking on the first page of Google search results by beating the competitors for a particular keyword is essential for growth, visibility, branding and revenue of a business these days. And it is Search Engine Optimisation that determines where a business ranks in the Google Search result pages.

We at BankBazaar perfectly understand the importance of SEO. And that is why we have a huge team of in-house SEO experts who strive to help BankBazaar occupy pride of place in search engine results.

At the Indian Digital Media Awards 2016, BankBazaar bagged two awards, ‘Best website’ and ‘Best SEO for website.’ Close on the heels of these awards, at the Jagran Media Awards too, BankBazaar walked away with awards for the ‘Best Website’ and ‘Best SEO For Website.’ All of this followed in the wake of BankBazaar being voted India’s ‘Best Financial Website’ by the Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) earlier in the year.

Well, none of this could have been possible without our SEO Team! The awards are testament to the hard work and brilliance of the SEO team of BankBazaar!

Buckle up! We’re getting you up, close and personal with this super-productive and talented team.

Meet The Team

Headed by Indramani, the SEO Team has a bunch of super-talented managers – Rishabh, Preetha, Mohinish and Albert. Together they form the SEO dream team with prime focus to drive traffic to Their motto is to help BankBazaar grow exponentially, cost effectively.

Indramani is the Assistant Vice President of Digital Marketing in BankBazaar. He is our very own digital marketing wizard with a penchant for finding motivation from simple things in life.

Energetic and dynamic are two adjectives that aptly describe Rishabh, who manages the SEO campaign for Credit Card, Fixed Deposit, Recurring Deposit, Gold Rate, Silver Rate, CIBIL and Utility Products.

A doting mother who loves to cook and paint, Preetha is an SEO manager handling International SEO teams from Singapore, UAE, Philippines and Malaysia.

A caffeine addict and a Foosball enthusiast, Mohnish is an SEO Manager at BankBazaar handling products like Personal Loan, Car Loan, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Two Wheeler Insurance, Travel Insurance, Savings Account and much more.

Albert, a reserved but ever-smiling, friendly SEO Manager handles the following products at BankBazaar: Home Loan, Two Wheeler Loan, Education Loan, Tax and IFSC.

Roles & Responsibilities

The SEO Team helps increase the brand visibility of BankBazaar by targeting specific search queries that users look up in Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. They work towards the goal to be at the top position in Organic Search Ranking, driving free and trusted users to BankBazaar. They also make sure that the numerous pages of BankBazaar’s website rank at the top of Google search result pages for relevant searches. After all, pole position on a Google search result page not only ensures traffic and revenue but also contributes towards the growth of Brand BankBazaar, adding to reach, recognition and brand recall value.

The SEO Team works on Market Research, Competitive Analysis and Content Writing based on various factors linked to BankBazaar products. Apart from this, they track page ranking and help push the pages higher in Organic Search Results. They create new, useful informational pages that attract users and improve the overall ranking of BankBazaar.

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Challenges Faced

The race to reach the top of Google Search Results Page never ceases. Working in the fast-paced SEO lane has its own challenges as one has to continue doing the good work in order to avoid slippage in Google Ranking. This is a team that never sleeps.

Our SEO team not only strives to beat peers in the competitive world of finance and banking, but also gears up to sustain at the top of Google Search Results. It is a challenge to build the momentum and stay on top in this big bad world of SEO, but our team is game for this challenge thanks to the large pool of talented individuals.

The advantage of having a big team of SEO experts is that there is a free flowing exchange of ideas and it becomes a lot easier to find solutions to problems as everybody is working towards a common goal. A large team, of course, also has some drawbacks, but these are easily overcome with some smart team management and policies in place.

Team Traditions

Apart from working hard to drive traffic to the website and improving the brand visibility of BankBazaar, the SEO team knows how to have fun as they follow team traditions to unwind and motivate each other. Apart from going out for team lunches and taking part in team building activities, the SEO team makes it a point to play cricket every Saturday morning and kicks off the weekends in style.

Watching motivational videos and reading inspiring stories are an integral part of SEO team building activities. They believe in having fun at work as it helps to perform better as a team when each and every individual enjoys their work.

A Day In The Life Of The BankBazaar SEO Team

A typical day in the SEO team starts off with answering emails, reading about industry updates and finding ways to beat finance websites and Indian government sites in organic search for the competitive terms.

Each manager has a separate daily scrum with his/her team, where they discuss the status of various financial products from an SEO perspective, identify problem areas and devise solutions to overcome any hurdles. Coffee breaks and foosball games provide much-needed breaks from the routine, and keep the SEO team bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

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This about sums up the meet-and-greet session with our award-winning SEO team who help BankBazaar reach out to customers like you.

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Have queries about our SEO team or BankBazaar? Reach out via the comments section below and we will be more than happy to answer them for you.

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