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By BankBazaar | October 16, 2016


What’s the rumbling in the distance? Is it a horde of Elves? Is it a mob of smelly Orcs? Close. It’s the BankBazaar SEO Content Team marauding their way towards the 4 p.m. snack counter. But don’t let appearances fool you. These fine men and women collectively make up the most fearsome writing battalion this side of the planet. For them, the keyboard is truly mightier than the sword. So don’t get on their bad side unless you want a mouthful of spare laptop parts.

The Team

At the helm of the SEO Content Team sits supreme leader and kingpin, Valerie Lewis. Just as The Eye of Sauron sees all, Valerie keeps a close watch on everything and everyone that walks through the hallowed halls of BankBazaar, eager to let loose a flurry of terrible puns on her unsuspecting victims.

When she isn’t making people moan and groan at her PJs, Valerie keeps herself busy by interacting with the SEO managers on a daily basis in order to understand and prioritise the SEO requirements of each of BankBazaar’s products. She then helps the Team Leads get the desired content created and delivered, ensuring all the while that digital marketing tenets are constantly adhered to. In addition to the Indian website, she is also responsible for all the international websites, and works in collaboration with the international teams to ensure that the websites have all the content support they need. Even Sauron would have baulked at this much responsibility.

However, Valerie is more than ably supported by the ‘Fellowship of the Team Leads’. Ok, it doesn’t quite have the same ‘ring’ to it as the movie does, but they certainly know how to get the job done. With the SEO Content Department divided into 5 teams, the Team Leads make sure that any requested content is prioritised and delivered in a timely fashion while maintaining a balance between writing from the perspective of the end user and that of SEO. Each Team Lead is also responsible for the overall quality of each page produced by their respective teams.

Behold the Team Leads

Archana heads the team of writers that deliver content on insurance products such as Life, Car, Health and Two-Wheeler Insurance. If you’re ever chased by a bunch of goblins, get in touch with them pronto!

Saurabhi and her team work on all loan-related products, which include Personal Loans and Car Loans to name a few. She also handles Savings Accounts, Saving Schemes, and products like Gold and Silver in a fashion that would make Smaug proud.

Tanveer’s team work on products like Credit Cards and Fixed Deposits, along with other products such as PAN, Aadhaar and Visa among others. After all, one does not simply walk into Mordor without the right documents.

Nivea and her team work on loan products such as Home Loans, Two-Wheeler Loans and Education Loans. In addition to these products, her teams also works on Tax too. Now you know who the Dwarves consult when filing their returns.

And last but certainly not the least, Siddharth leads the team of writers that work on the international websites. His team is also responsible for all product content across all international sites. That is when they aren’t busy forging maps of Middle Earth of course.

What does the SEO Content Team do?

Much like the mythical Hydra, the SEO Content Team is a multi-faceted beast that generates personal finance content for Landing Pages, WEB 2.0, News, Blogs, Infographics and Forum Comments. They also generate content for popular social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Quora as and when required.

The SEO Content Team also works closely in conjunction with the SEO Analysts who suggest topics and keywords around which quality pages are subsequently built. The Content Team also strives to add value to the organisation by contributing and working on unique page suggestions apart from meeting daily targets.

What challenges does the SEO Content Team face?

While jostling for table space during lunch certainly tops the list, the SEO Content Team’s biggest challenge is to mould content in such a way that it continues to shine at the top of Google search results. With Google search algorithms changing ever so frequently, strategic placement of keywords, incorporation of the right SEO techniques and creation of unique but informational content are some of the primary challenges faced by the SEO Content Team. Also, with a host of financial products to research and write about, prioritisation of tasks is another key challenge that the team faces on a day-to-day basis.

The fight doesn’t end here, however. The team also has the massive job of working on international financial content. This makes assimilation of cultural and geographical knowledge of a country absolutely imperative. Fortunately, the Content Team has proven to be quite proficient at handling this particular task.

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What is a typical day like for the SEO Content Team?

For the SEO Content Team, a typical day involves interacting with SEO analysts and developing content to achieve the goals of the overall content strategy. This includes staying on tap with the latest trends through intensive online research, and crafting informative write-ups in the form of web pages, news articles, blogs and social media content. All this is usually interspersed with meetings, copious amounts of food, and coffee breaks, or ‘sanity breaks’ as they like to call them.

But being the super-efficient team that they are, the concept of working long hours is practically non-existent in their realm.

What does the SEO Content Team do to unwind?

Manoeuvring through the intricacies of the complicated world of finance every single day can seriously drain the mojo out of even the most hardened group of content writers. However, the SEO Content Team are a far more resilient group who know exactly how to let off some steam every now and then. They keep themselves motivated through constant at-the-desk banter and camaraderie between team members. And with 30 writers making up the team, everything from in-house comedians, to corny riddles, to high-level debates on existential theories, as well as general horsing around, ensures that the SEO Content Team stays stress free and helps channel their creative energy in the right direction.

If their famed coffee sessions don’t do the trick, there are always team outings to look forward to. In fact, there always seems to be something going on, with photography, doodling, potluck gatherings, impromptu photo sessions, and a whole host of other activities keeping everyone’s spirits up even on days when bleary eyes are the norm.

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What would it take for someone to join the SEO Content Team?

A hefty bribe would certainly help. Just kidding. If you have good command over the English language and are a bit of a grammar nazi you’re halfway there. A sense of humour and a creative itch wouldn’t go amiss either. Combine these traits with a self-motivating attitude, a good understanding of Google search, an affinity for personal finance, and the ability to work independently, and you’re practically a shoo-in.

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