Only 30% Of People Below 35 Years Opt For Health Insurance!

By | June 7, 2016

Only 30% Below 35 Buy Insurance. Are You One Of Them?

A recent survey by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance reveals that almost half the number of people between 23 and 35 years suffer from lifestyle diseases. The survey was conducted among 1,100 individuals in 9 cities in the country. Here’s what the survey said and what you should be doing to ensure that you have adequate health cover and remain healthy.

Pain Galore

45% of the respondents mentioned that they had one or more lifestyle disorders. This included chronic body pain, obesity and hypertension. 40% of the young adults surveyed said that they suffer from chronic body pain while 20% mentioned that they were obese. It is indeed surprising that 18% are suffering from hypertension.

If this is you: Obesity can cause diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and even cancer. Maintain a healthy diet with enough fibre food and water in it. Hit the gym or if you don’t have time, take a walk every day.

Hung Up On Your Employer?

Even though 75% of the respondents had Health Insurance, 60% were dependent on the cover provided by their employer. Most of them also believed that the cover provided by their employer was more than enough.

If this is you: In almost 90% of the cases, the Health Cover provided by an employer may not be enough. Consider this: the average cover provided by many employers in India stands at Rs.50,000 a year while a bypass surgery can cost you more than 3 lakh rupees. Even maternity covers are capped at Rs.30,000 by employers while it will cost more than 1 lakh rupees for a delivery, especially if it is a caesarean section. Also, have you considered what will happen if you switch jobs? You could fall ill when you are changing to another job. Consider a personal health cover.

Too Expensive

46% of the young adults surveyed said that Health Insurance was expensive.

If this is you: The cost of cancer treatment (initial stages) is 1.5 lakh rupees and if you are going for a knee replacement, you need to spend 3.7 lakh rupees. Even a dental implant will cost you Rs. 60,000. When medical treatment is so expensive, is it not normal for a Health Insurance premium to be on the expensive side? Actually, Health Insurance premiums are not unaffordable. Do you know that a single male aged 30 years, can get a comprehensive Health Cover for as little as Rs.4000 a year. It’s not all that expensive, no?

I’m Still Young

22% of the respondents who did not have a Health Cover stated that there were too young for a Health Cover and they didn’t need one.

If this is you: Diseases can strike at any age. It all depends on your lifestyle. Unhealthy habits such as smoking, binging on food and not exercising enough can cause a number of diseases. It is best not to take any risks and get yourself insured, especially if you are a single wage earner.

Tax Gains

It is indeed unfortunate that 76% of the respondents who had personal Health Insurance have said that they purchased the cover only because it will give them tax exemptions.

If this is you: When young adults purchase Health Insurance for tax purposes, it is often a rushed job. They fail to compare policies, forget to look at features and choose the one with the lowest premium. This is the worst way to choose a policy. Ideally you should go through the features, compare them across insurers and also look at the insurer’s claim settlement ratio.

Remember that Health Insurance is very important in case you have dependents. You should revise your cover whenever you hit milestones such as marriage and child birth. Experts say that a single episode of hospitalisation can push a family to bankruptcy. Why take chances? It is better to have a personal Health Cover in addition to the one provided by your employer so that you are covered adequately.

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