Pay Heed To The Markup In The Home Loan Interest Rate!

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) paused the repo rate at 6.50% this month. This is a good time to calculate the difference between the repo rate and your Home Loan rate. That number is essentially the markup on your Home Loan. Read on to know more!

How To Get A Credit Card With A Higher Credit Limit And Attractive Reward Programs

Before applying for any credit product, remember to check your eligibility and keep the required documents ready!

RBI Keeps Repo Rate Unchanged At 6.50% – Key Takeaways For The Common Man

The Reserve Bank of India’s Monetary Policy Committee has decided to maintain the status quo on the key policy rates. The repo rate, which was at 6.50 has been left unchanged in today’s bi-monthly meeting, which is a welcome move. Here is what it means for you.

Home Loan Spread & How It Can Lower Your EMI

As Home Loan rates continue to spike, borrowers need to understand all aspects of the Home Loan process to lower their EMI burden. In this article, we will discuss what a Home Loan spread is, and how it can affect your debt burden.

Explained | The Current Banking Crisis In The US And Europe

The Federal Reserve began raising interest rates rapidly to combat inflation in the USA, and banks’ portfolio started to lose significant value owing to the largest investments they had made. However, the Indian banking system is relatively strong because of its robust regulatory framework, diversified banking sector and deposit insurance. Read full article here!

Doing More With The Bare Necessities Of Life!

Did we successfully put the ‘Baloo song’ into your head? Good…now you’ll be singing it all day long 😀. So now that that’s done, we have an interesting read ahead. It’s going to make you catch those lessons you probably missed growing up. Presenting, ‘The Jungle Book – The Finance Sequel!’

Cash Or Credit Card For Your Travels Abroad?

Big wad of cash or a sleek Credit Card? Let’s help you figure out the pros and cons of both when travelling abroad, along with a few pro tips on using Credit Cards overseas.

BankBazaar’s Co-Brand Model Powers FY23 Revenue Up 60% to ₹160 Cr, India’s leading fintech co-branded credit card platform and online provider of free credit scores, closed FY23 with net revenue of ₹160 crore. The company grew its net revenue for FY23 by 60% over FY22 on the back of a 60% growth in its credit card issuances. Read on to know more!

Why Should I Choose a Credit Card to Manage My Finances?

Credit Cards have become an essential financial tool for people across the globe. India, too, has embraced this trend! With the economy growing at a rapid pace, it has become imperative for individuals to own a Credit Card. Here’s why you need a Credit Card.