PPF should be one of the debt instruments in your portfolio!

By BankBazaar | April 15, 2011

No matter how great exposure to equity you enjoy, but it is very important for you to consider that having a debt asset especially the PPF is necessary.

Most financial advisors take into consideration the PPF to be the essential component of a portfolio and equity around it. The reason for this magnified importance is because of the benefits this debt class carries. After guaranteeing you higher returns, it also provides amazing tax benefits.  You should choose the equity plan, means 50% in equity index fund and rest 50% in safer government securities. It’s a great product, low cost and returns are higher than EPF.

Make sure you exhaust the maximum limit of Rs. 70,000 per annum in this account. The other equity investing avenues can be infrastructure bonds and those that have a strong principle base.  Infrastructure bonds can benefit you because forecasting India’s speed towards infrastructural developments is seemingly bright. Though patience is advised from investors if they are wishing to invest in these bonds, a good understanding of the company policies is advised. Otherwise, investors in a bid to earn high returns may end up losing their savings because of any unforeseen disturbances in the market. Opting for a personal loan or any loan is only going to make your financial position worse.

So prudent decision making is what is advised.

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