SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

By Sanesh Mathew | April 23, 2018

Heard about SBI Mingle app? No? Here’s everything you need to know.

SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

Good news for social media-savvy SBI customers! In an effort to make banking easier for their customers, SBI launched the SBI Mingle app. Mingle is a social media-based banking application which allows SBI customers to perform different banking activities via SBI’s official Facebook page and Twitter handle.

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With this app, SBI aims to provide real-time convenience to their Facebook and Twitter folks. The registration is simple too. And once a user has registered, he/she can do a variety of banking services such as balance enquiry, getting a mini statement, transferring money, blocking their cards and more. In short, with SBI Mingle app, you can easily bank with your social media contacts and friends. Pretty cool, right?

Who Can Use The App?

The Mingle app can be used by

  • SBI customers who have an active Facebook account.
  • Merchants who have an SBI account can use the app to receive payments online. Also, merchants don’t need a Facebook account to register.
  • Users who have a Facebook account but don’t hold an SBI account can also register. But the services available to them will be limited.

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How To Get Started With SBI Mingle

The Mingle app is available for Android as well as iOS. Download the app to get started.

SBI Customer

  SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!                   SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!                                       

Step 1 – Launch the SBI Mingle app on your phone.

Step 2 – You’ll see two icons – User and Merchant. Click on the User icon.

SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!         SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!          SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

Step 3 – Next, you’ll be asked to log in to your Facebook account. If you already have the app on your phone, then you can click on the Log in with the Facebook App option. Else you can choose to log in using your phone number or email ID. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you have the option to create one.

SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!         SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!          SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

Step 4 – Once the Facebook validation is done, you’ll be asked to register with your SBI Debit Card details. On entering the required details and clicking Validate, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number registered with your SBI account.

Step 5 – Validate your account credentials by entering the OTP. Post this, you’ll be asked to set a 6-digit password. The app will ask you to enter this password every time you log in. Once you set the password, you’ll be directed to the homepage of the app.

Guest Users (Non-SBI Customers)

Don’t have an SBI account? No issues! You can still register using your phone number. However, you wouldn’t be able to access most of the app services as a guest user. Anyway, here’s how to register yourself as a guest user:

SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!                   SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

Step 1 – Complete your Facebook validation process as mentioned earlier. Once you reach the Mingle app registration page, you’ll see the Not with SBI yet? Click here option. Click on this.

SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!                   SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

Step 2 – You’ll be asked to enter your phone number. An OTP will be sent to the number you entered. Enter the OTP to validate your phone number.

Step 3 – Set a 6-digit password to complete the registration.

A Quick Look At The Mingle App

SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!          SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!          SBI Mingle App – Banking Goes Social!

The Mingle app lets you perform a host of banking services.

  • With the Easy Pay service, you can send money or transfer funds to your own account, beneficiary accounts, Facebook friends, and phone contacts.
  • Pay Merchant allows you to make payments easily to merchants who accept Mingle payments.
  • Locate Merchant allows you to identify merchants who accept Mingle payments.
  • SBI customers can use the Locate ATM & Branches service to find SBI ATMs and branches especially when they are in a new city.
  • SBI accountholders can also view their account balance, get mini statements, and block their cards in case of theft or loss.

Is There A Limit On Daily Transactions?

Yes! The current daily transaction limit for Mingle users is Rs. 10,000. This is applicable for transactions done via the Mingle Facebook web application, the Mingle mobile app, and the Twitter application.

Have you tried SBI’s Mingle App yet? Let us know your thoughts on the same if you have.

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