Super Top-up Health Insurance – What’s That?

By BankBazaar | February 1, 2016

Super Top-up Health Insurance

Medical costs are rapidly increasing with each passing day. Moreover, the increase in lifestyle related diseases owing to a lack of exercise and an improper diet further worsens the situation. It could end up being a real nightmare, finding yourself lying on the hospital bed worrying about ways to settle a huge medical bill.

Now, you might say that you have medical insurance, so you’re covered. But every policy  has a threshold. What if your medical or hospital bills cross the threshold limit? That’s where a super top-up medical insurance comes to the rescue as it covers all the additional bills and amount beyond the insurance threshold limit.

Let’s find out more about super top-up medical insurance.

What’s super top-up medical insurance?

Just like a top-up cover on your medical insurance, super top-up medical insurance helps you cover your medical bills (for a single hospitalization) above the threshold limit. For a top-up cover the maximum threshold limit is generally Rs. 5 Lakhs, and it won’t cover bills beyond that limit. Here’s where a super top-up medical insurance comes in handy as it does not have a specified upper threshold limit.

For instance, if you were hospitalized twice in a single year, and your bills came up to a total of Rs. 4 lakhs each time, then your total bill comes up to Rs. 8 lakhs. If you have a top-up medical cover, you will not get any coverage beyond Rs. 5 Lakhs, whereas with super top-up insurance, you will be covered for the entire amount of Rs. 8 Lakhs.

What is deductible?

In order to understand top-up or super top-up medical policies, you need to first understand the ‘deductible’ amount on your insurance.

Both top-up and super top-up medical insurance policies come with a certain cut off amount which is called a ‘deductible’. This is the upper limit which will not be covered by your top-up cover. Any medical bill up to that limit must be covered by your primary health cover or from your own funds. Only bills beyond the deductible amount will be paid by the top-up or super top-up policies.

Remember the lower the deductible amount, the higher the premium amount. So, you need to plan carefully and strike a good balance between the deductible amount and super top-up cover amount.

Who should buy a super top-up medical plan?

Even though super top-up medical insurance can benefit everyone, it provides the greatest benefit to:

  • Those who have a small medical insurance cover and want to upgrade it further
  • Those who have a small medical cover provided by their employers and wish to increase their medical cover
  • Those who can handle medical bills up to Rs. 2-3 Lakhs on their own, and want to cover their excess medical bills

Features of super top-up medical insurance

Speaking of benefits, these are some of the noteworthy benefits of a super top-up plan:

  • There is no compulsion for you to have a base medical policy in order to buy a super top-up plan.
  • The premium amount is much lower compared to a new base policy. However, just like any Health Insurance policy, the older you are, the higher your premium.
  • Super top-up plans generally do not offer a no claim bonus. You do not get the benefit of a no claim bonus as you generally get in the case of a base policy.

Super top-up medical plans

Some of the popular super top-up medical policies are:

A super top-up medical insurance is a smart and economical way of boosting your health cover, when you know your existing medical cover may not be sufficient to pay all your medical bills. Decide wisely after checking your past medical bills and family medical history!

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