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Celebrities And Body Part Insurance

These days more and more Indian celebrities and sportsmen are opting to copyright or insure their ‘valuable’ body parts for quite a tidy sum. This has been quite popular in Hollywood and these days quite a few Indian celebrities are following suit. Would you ever choose to insure a body part?

Personal Loan Sale This February!

BankBazaar has a very special offer for you this February. Apply for a Personal Loan with us between 7 - 20 February 2016 and receive an E-Gift card worth Rs. 2,000 on the disbursal of your loan! What are you waiting for?

The Top 7 International Credit Cards

Trip abroad on your mind? If so, it’s extremely important to have the right International Credit Card when travelling. A Credit Card which offers low or no foreign currency transaction fee, international customer service & worldwide acceptance is a good card to opt for. It will not only help you save on your foreign transactions but in case of loss/theft of the card, you will receive immediate assistance.

Car Loans – Interest Rates, Eligibility & More

Remember that buying a car not only involves choosing your favourite car, colour, and brand while keeping it within your budget. There’s a lot more to think about especially if you’re planning on taking a loan to finance your new set of wheels. Learn about the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of a Car Loan with this handy guide.

Digital Signature Certificates Explained

A Digital Signature Certificate is like a hand written signature, which establishes the identity of an individual over an electronic medium. These certificates ensure that there has been no tampering with data at the point at which the document was digitally signed. Want to know more about Digital Signature Certificates and learn how to validate these certificates? You’ve come to the right place.

Pre-approved Personal Loans – The Basics

So you got a call from the bank telling you that you’re eligible for a pre-approved Personal Loan. Should you be worried or happy about that? Let us help you understand if those telemarketing calls about are really worth listening to or if they should be ignored.

5 Ways To Protect Your Debit Card

Debit cards in India are as common as our varied opinions about politics in this country. Isn’t it time we held our Debit Cards a little tighter, and offered them the love and protection they deserve? Here are 5 different ways you can protect your Debit Card against an untimely death (physical damage) and/or misuse at the hands of a shady character.

Why Buy second Hand Car?

Thinking about buying a car? Ever thought about a pre-used one? It won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you will still be the proud owner of an automobile. Read on to know more.

Travel Insurance + Health Insurance = Best Vacation E V E R!!

When people travel without adequate health or travel insurance cover, there is a chance that they might end up having to shell out massive amounts of cash to deal with unforeseen situations. Read through these questions to know about travel and health insurance. Perhaps you'll learn something that could help you out.