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Advantages of Personal Loans

Are you facing a cash crunch, don’t have any assets but have a Credit Card? A Personal Loan is probably a good idea for you. Yes, we know your Credit Card offers you a cash withdrawal amount. But remember, making a cash withdrawal on your Credit Card works out to be more expensive than a Personal Loan. Read on to see why a Personal Loan is a good idea.

How Safe Are Your Fixed Deposits?

Indians, in general, are known as people who like to put a portion of their earnings into savings and many of us opt to take the Fixed Deposit route to secure them. Fixed Deposits are generally considered to be fairly low-risk investments. All the same, what if something were to happen to the bank? It could close or have its license cancelled. What would happen to your Fixed Deposit then?

Getting A Loan Against Your Car

In a financial emergency, your car can be your best friend. How? It’s simple. You can use your car as an asset for a loan. Many banks offering loans against cars will give you up to 70–85% of the present market value of your vehicle. You can even get a loan if you bought your car with a Car Loan.

Diesel vs Petrol – Which Is Better For Your Engine Life?

Which engine will outlast the other - Diesel or petrol? Most auto experts don’t have a satisfactory answer to this question. For some, petrol is undoubtedly the super-mileage unit that not only lasts longer but also requires less maintenance. However, as far as heavy-duty performance is concerned, diesel is a clear winner. Both petrol and diesel engines have a respectable life expectancy, which depends on your maintenance regime.

Fixed Deposit FAQs

To invest in a Fixed Deposit or not – Is that your biggest dilemma right now? Numerous questions popping into your head and wondering where to find answers to all of them? You’re in luck because we’re going to help you tackle your confusion. We have listed the most frequently asked questions about Fixed Deposits to provide you with the answers you have been seeking.

The One Credit Card That’s Right For You

Everyone has different spending habits and the way you spend your money says a lot about you. If you’re looking out for a Credit Card that’s just right for you, follow these tips to find one that matches your personal style and suits your spending habits. It’s never a bad idea to explore the options and know what’s out there.

Tax Saving With The National Pension System

The National Pension System is a defined-contribution pension scheme operated by the Government of India. This scheme offers a wide range of investment options for the benefit of employees. The NPS allows employees to decide how and where their pension is invested.

Planning To Attend Sunburn 2015? Here’s How A Credit Card Can Help you!

Sunburn Goa returns for it’s ninth edition this December and it’s bigger than ever with artists like Martin Garrix, Dimitri Vegas and Hardwell playing this time. 4 days of unadulterated fun, good music, amazing food on the sandy shores of Goa can get anyone daydreaming. You can enjoy India’s biggest music festival at half the original cost. How? With the help of a magic plastic card a.k.a. your Credit Card.

How To Contact BankBazaar

Do you have questions about Home Loans, Car Loans, Credit Cards, Insurance, Fixed Deposits or anything finance? Feel the need to talk to someone about your Personal Loan or Credit Card application? BankBazaar’s friendly customer care is here to help. So don't hold back, ask us anything... our young and dynamic team looks forward to answering all your queries!

The BankBazaar #StartInvestingWhen Contest

Some people develop the knack for investments after college, while some wait for their first pay to start investing. According to you when should one start making smart investments? Choose from the following options and defend your answer to win gift cards worth Rs. 5,000/-. Based on your answers, THREE different winners will win gift cards! Remember, the more unique the entry, the more your chances of winning!