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10 Super Simple Money Lessons Mothers Can Teach Their Kids

As a mother, it’s important to teach your kids values that will help them navigate this often complicated world. This is especially important when it comes to managing money. Here are some simple lessons you can start with.

Fintech Could Give The World India’s First Tech Giant

Fintechs have made a name for themselves by solving complex problems of money management. At this rate, the vertical seems poised to give the World India’s first tech giant. Here’s BankBazaar CTO Murari Sridharan’s take on it.

How To Accumulate A Crore

Accumulating Rs. 1 crore can be really easy if you know what to do. The key is to draw up a plan and stick to it. #crorepati #budget #savings #investments

How To Choose A Mutual Fund

There are just too many Mutual Funds. More than 2,000 to be precise! So, how do you choose one? You just have to look at four aspects. #mutualfunds #equitymarket #amfi #investments.

Changing Dynamics Of Customers’ Expectations

If a business wants to be successful in this day and age it has to constantly adapt to the ever-changing needs of customer’s expectations. Here’s BankBazaar CPO Rati Shetty’s take on it.

Just Got Your Variable Pay? Here’s The Right Way To Use Your Bonus

Just got your variable pay? Don’t know how to use all that money? If you have a little time, that money could get you more money. #variablepay #personalfinance #investments #savings

Are You Creating Enough Wealth?

The shocking truth is that the rich are getting richer and the poor are right where they are. If you haven’t been paying attention to your investments, this should wake you up.

Equity Investor? Don’t Follow The Herd!

Even when it comes to the stock market, everyone is looking at what others are doing. Investors fail to understand that the herd might actually be clueless. So, here’s help. #equitymarket #investments #bearmarket #mutualfunds

How To Keep Your Identity Safe

The hackers are getting better at what they do. Your personal information will be safe only if you ensure that it remains so. Follow a few simple rules to secure your data. #aadhaar #cybercrime #finance #creditcard

How To Automate Savings And Investments

Don’t have the time to handle your savings and investments? You can automate them and your money will remain in the right places to give you great returns. Automation will give you more bandwidth to focus on the things that are important to you. #automatingsavings #savings #investments #mutualfunds