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Insurance cover for health risks

How To Select The Right Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness insurance can provide you a better cover for high cost medical treatments. Here are some key points to be considered before buying this insurance which is fast becoming a modern-day necessity.

Must-Know Health Insurance Rules

The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) brought about some important changes to Health Insurance rules last year. Here’s all you must know.

How To Make A Health Insurance Claim With Multiple Policies

Due diligence is required while making a claim for possessing multiple health insurance plans. We tell you the crucial steps to follow.

Why Health Insurance Is A Must In Financial Planning

A health policy saves you from a financial setback in case of a medical emergency and supports you in achieving your financial objective.

Do You Need A Critical Illness Cover?

If you already have a Health Insurance, you might want to add another layer of protection to your portfolio by including critical illness cover.

Health Insurance Policy: How To Make The Right Choice

With medical costs rising, buying a Health Insurance plan is an absolute necessity for one’s financial stability. We list out a few critical factors to look for while choosing a health plan.

What These 5 Game of Thrones Characters Can Teach You Financially – Part 1

If you’re a big fan of the hit T.V series Game of Thrones, then here’s the first instalment of what some of its more popular characters can teach you financially.