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learning how to manage debts

5 Tips On How To Get Out Of A Debt Trap

Borrowing is a way of life for many. However, to avoid debt trap, borrowing should be done with caution and after assessing your finances. In case you fall into a debt trap, these tips can come handy.

Learning To Live Within Your Means

If you know how to live within your means, and find joy in it, well then, you have attained ‘financial nirvana’. One of the biggest perks of living within your means is leading a happy, stress-free life. So, here are some tips on how to live within your means and the benefits of doing so.

Offshore Companies – Nutty The Squirrel’s Story

When we hear the term ‘offshore company’, our first reaction is one of scepticism. And, why wouldn’t it be? We have always heard of them in connection with fraud, money laundering or other such activities. This has given way to misunderstandings that all offshore companies partake in wrongful behaviour. Allow Nutty the Squirrel to debunk this myth with a story.

6 ways credit cards wreck your credit score unknowingly

It is just a three-digit number, but as far as your financial life is concerned, it might as well be your grading on how well you manage your finances. So, it’s time you took a serious look at your credit score. Banks use it to determine your loan eligibility and in some cases it decides… Read More »

5 Reasons why you spend more with credit cards

Have you ever wondered why people splurge with cards even after knowing that it’s only borrowed money that they have to return to the bank someday? Various researches on the profiles of credit cards owners and their spending patterns says that there are several factors leading people to spending more using plastic. Here are the… Read More »

5 Questions to ask before doing balance transfer on your card

Sapna, a Mumbai-based copywriter was on a shopping spree during the last festive season as she was excited about her brother’s wedding. It helped that plastic money had been invented – her shopping went by in a blur as her credit card maxed out. The after-tremors hit her only later when she realized that she… Read More »

6 worst financial planning gaffes people make

‘Luck by chance’. If this movie happens to define your investment story, chances are that it will bomb at the box office of financial success. The success of your financial planning hinges completely on the financial decisions made by you during your life. If you have left something to chance, be prepared to be handed… Read More »