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Disclose Cash Payments Over Rs. 2 Lakh For Loans, Card Payments In ITR

The new one-page Income Tax Return (ITR) form will require you to disclose cash payments. Read on to know more.

IDS: Why You Should Declare Your Undisclosed Income Right Now

Haven’t disclosed a part of your income while filing tax returns in the past? Now is the right time to make full use of the Income Declaration Scheme.

Verifying Tax Returns Via ATMs

Did you know that you can generate an electronic verification code (EVC) for e-verification of your Income Tax return (ITR) by visiting your bank ATM? Read on to know all about it.

How To Correct Mistakes In Your Income Tax Return (ITR)

There’s no need to panic if you’ve made an error while filing your Income Tax Return (ITR), provided you filed it within the deadline (which was 5th August 2016). It is now possible to make changes to your ITR if there were errors in your previously submitted one.

Easily Missed Incomes That You Should Include In Your IT Return

There are some incomes that are easy to miss when filing your IT return. Income in the form of interest is one of these. We’re going to highlight a few investments that give us interest but which people often forget to include when filing their IT return.

8 Common Tax Defaults That Can Get You In Trouble

The truth is that no one likes to pay taxes. But since there is no escaping from tax payment, it is important to file your taxes and returns to avoid penalties and tax notices. Here are 8 common tax defaults that can land you in trouble.