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The BankBazaar #StartInvestingWhen Contest

Some people develop the knack for investments after college, while some wait for their first pay to start investing. According to you when should one start making smart investments? Choose from the following options and defend your answer to win gift cards worth Rs. 5,000/-. Based on your answers, THREE different winners will win gift cards! Remember, the more unique the entry, the more your chances of winning!

The BankBazaar #IWouldRather Contest

We all make investments based on their returns. Better returns mean more money in your account. Some may splurge the extra returns on shopping while some may choose to save it. Share with us which of the following three options according to you are a smart move and state the reason against your answer to win gift cards worth Rs. 5,000/-.

The BankBazaar #BestDealEver Contest

Ever got super lucky when it came to getting the best deals? We know that it’s the rarest of the rare case but THINK, there must be something 😉 and think hard because this answer can win you cash prizes worth Rs. 1000.