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What Marathoners Can Teach You About Investing

Did you know that marathoners can teach you a great deal about investing? Here are some of the best investing lessons you can learn from them.

Introduction To Equity Mutual Funds

Equity Mutual Funds are a popular investment option for investors looking for long-term investment opportunities. Let’s give you an introduction to Equity Mutual Funds, shall we?

Your Quick Guide To Sensex And NIFTY

Though there are quite a few stock exchanges in India, most of the trading takes place on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Sensex (Sensitive Index) and NIFTY are the two well-known market indices in the Indian stock market. While Sensex is associated with BSE, NIFTY is associated with NSE.

5 Money Mistakes The Young Make And 5 Kickass Solutions

You’re probably thinking that you do not need constant reminders to start investing early. You can do without them, for sure, but we cannot emphasise enough, the importance and benefits of investing early – while you are still young and strong! Thank us later.

PPF or ELSS: What’s Better Long-term?

When it comes to long-term investment options, PPF and ELSS are two popular ones in India. These investments not only give you good returns but are also an ideal means of saving taxes. Let’s learn a little more about these investment options.

Will You be Able To Afford A Cup Of Coffee In 20 Years?

The price of a cup of coffee has grown astronomically over the years, with the promise of increasing even more. Will you be able to afford a cup of coffee in 20 years?

ULIPs Vs Mutual Funds: What’s the Best Option for You?

To build up a successful cricket team, you need a good balance of batsmen, bowlers and all rounders. Your finances also need you to have  a good investment portfolio with savings as well as insurance. While it is generally advised to consider insurance and investments as separate options, ULIPs combine the two and are worth… Read More »

How To Invest In MF When Your Time Horizon Is Less Than 5 Years

The biggest question you have to answer yourself when you are investing is: “What is the time horizon for my investment?” This helps your financial advisor in suggesting you the right asset and product. Uljhan Singh had to change his job and he got a fat cheque of Rs.5 Lakhs from his previous employer towards… Read More »

Equity investments at 50! – Should you opt for it?

  When the markets are booming, everyone wants to ride the Equity Bull to get a pie out of it and take a quick return out of the market. It may be a fresh graduate out of college or a senior citizen at 60. Before we start analyzing the markets let’s start with the story… Read More »