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Investment Declarations To Increase Your Take Home Pay

If you’re looking to reduce your tax burden on your income, here’s all you need to know about Section 80C and other sections that can help you do just that.

Just Got Your Variable Pay? Here’s The Right Way To Use Your Bonus

Just got your variable pay? Don’t know how to use all that money? If you have a little time, that money could get you more money. #variablepay #personalfinance #investments #savings

4 Expenditures Under Section 80C That Can Help You Save Tax

Under Section 80C, investing in schemes like PPF, ELSS, or insurance can help save tax. But did you know that certain expenditures can help you save tax too? Find out more here.

Tricks That Retailers Use To Make You Spend More

Did you know that retailers psychologically push you to spend as much as possible with their crafty pricing, clever placements, and more such tricks? Here is a list of the common tricks that retailers use to make you spend more.

Here Are Some Unusual Ways Salaried Individuals Can Save Income Tax

You always thought 80C was the only way to save tax? You need to read this article. Read on and find out how to axe those taxes.

How To Automate Savings And Investments

Don’t have the time to handle your savings and investments? You can automate them and your money will remain in the right places to give you great returns. Automation will give you more bandwidth to focus on the things that are important to you. #automatingsavings #savings #investments #mutualfunds

5 Saving Habits For The Fast-Paced Mumbaikar

Saving money is a lot like joining a gym. The hardest part is getting started. Here are 5 habits of every Mumbaikar and some saving tips to go with them.

Gen Y On Credit & Debit Cards

This funny video shows you just how much Indians actually know about their personal finances! gets to the bottom of some critical questions and gives you some expert hacks that no one else will.