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4 Expenditures Under Section 80C That Can Help You Save Tax

Under Section 80C, investing in schemes like PPF, ELSS, or insurance can help save tax. But did you know that certain expenditures can help you save tax too? Find out more here.

How To Calculate Your Income Tax

Calculating your Income Tax may seem like a daunting task! But, if you have some necessary info and an Income Tax calculator (you’ll find many online), it’s actually quite easy. Let us help you.

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Made A Mistake In Tax Filing? Here Is What You Can Do

To avoid any error or omission, it is best to file your returns with utmost care. However, in case of a genuine error, the I-T department gives you chance to rectify mistakes by filing a revised return.

Here Is All You Need To Know About Calculating Your Taxable Income

Taxable income is the final amount arrived at after adjusting for all tax sops and benefits on your total income. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Important Tax Questions To Ask If You Are Self-employed

Regular Income Tax-filing Under ITR-4 and Presumptive Tax Method Under ITR-4S are the two modes of tax filing for the self-employed. Take a pick after weighing the benefits of both.

How To Calculate Long Term Capital Gains (LTCG)

Most assets in India are subject to capital gains tax and property is no exception. Here’s help on how to calculate capital gains for your property.

Why The LTCG Tax Is No Big Deal

Contrary to popular perception, despite the newly-introduced LTCG tax, Mutual Funds remain one of the best investment avenues available today. #ltcg #budget2018 #mutualfunds #investments

HRA And Home Loan: Can Both Be Claimed For Tax Deduction?

You can. But you must have good enough reason and proof to claim both. Here’s everything you need to know.