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Child protection plans

Talk Finances With The Kids!

Communication is key because it opens locks! Locks are those tiny (or sometimes large) things only meant to keep gates, vaults, and baggage secure. It is not meant to keep valuable info tucked away when it comes to talking money management with your kids! So, start the ‘finance talk’ early – it will do your kids and you a world of good! 

Who Else Wants To Know How Child Plans Work

The birth of a child brings immeasurable joy to parents. However, after the initial euphoria subsides, the future expenses start staring at you in the face. Add to this the innumerable ads on TV and print media, and you’re left with only one choice: buy a child plan. That’s the beginning of your second problem… Read More »

Factors to consider before buying a Health Insurance Policy!

What is Health Insurance? Health Insurance, popularly known as medical insurance or mediclaim is a form of insurance that provides you protection against expensive treatment costs. It protects you from paying the full costs of medical services when you’re injured or sick. Just like car insurance or home insurance, you choose a plan and agree… Read More »

Understand your Health Insurance Variants!

With the skyrocketing healthcare costs, any unforeseen circumstances like accident or illness may affect your finances, earning capacity and may even drain your lifetime savings. Having a health insurance policy during those unanticipated times, act as an economic support for you and your family. A health insurance policy not only relieves you from financial distress… Read More »

Premium waiver rider benefits!

One of the most popular and important riders added to an insurance policy is the ‘Waiver of Premium’  rider. If this rider is a part of one’s insurance policy, it ensures that the premiums to be paid by the insured are waived in the event that the insured becomes ‘completely disabled’ or loses his source… Read More »

Investing for your child!

Are you a proud and careful parent? It’s a simple question to answer. The fact that you are reading this article is proof in itself.  Not every parent is serious about the distant future of the child as planning is only visible in their intent and not action. The reason you cannot turn a blind… Read More »

Child insurance plans, ideal for your child?

When you pay the premium for this plan, part of the premium amount goes towards paying for the life cover. Remaining part of the premium is invested in various instruments either debt or equities. However this portion is quite small, as the insurance companies tend to deduct premium allocation charges upfront. These charges are meant… Read More »

Planning for your child’s secure future

Money back endowment plans for instance, tell you roughly how much you can expect and at what age (of the child) the money will be due. With money back policies, your child would receive fixed portions of the sum assured at regular intervals. On maturity, your child receives the balance sum assured, if any, plus… Read More »

Insurance trends for 2011!

2010 was a defining year for the insurance industry. The ULIP controversy, SEBI versus IRDA fight, and dispute over cashless insurance scheme created enough ripples in insurance industry. Additionally IPO and merger and acquisition attracted the attention of regulators.