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Term deposits offered by banks, post offices, NBFCs, corporate organisations

Fixed Deposits Or Liquid Funds: Where To Park Your Surplus For Stable Returns?

Fixed Deposits and Liquid Funds can be great investment options for risk-averse investors. They are also great instruments to earn a stable income. We’ll explain how.

5 Saving Habits For The Fast-Paced Mumbaikar

Saving money is a lot like joining a gym. The hardest part is getting started. Here are 5 habits of every Mumbaikar and some saving tips to go with them.

How To Claim Unclaimed Deposits From Banks

When an account holder fails to use his/her bank account for 10 years or more, the money deposited in the account becomes unclaimed deposit.

What Is A Flexi Bank Account?

A flexi bank account, as the name suggests, gives you the higher interest rate benefit of a Fixed Deposit account and the liquidity of a Savings Account! Here’s what you need to know about it.

Union Budget: Expectations Vs Reality

Everyone had their own expectations from the budget. Did the budget fulfill those expectations? Let’s find out.

Want To Open A Fixed Deposit Account? Here Are The Interest Rates Offered

If you are facing a cash crunch, Fixed Deposits can come to your rescue. Take a quick look at the interest rates on Fixed Deposits for different tenures offered by different banks.

How Safe Are Your Fixed Deposits?

An overview of measures such as deposit insurance, which have been taken by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to protect Fixed Deposits.