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How to Get Your Dream Credit Score Of 900 Points

Is it even possible to hit a Credit Score of 900? Well, we’ve compiled a list of pointers you could follow to check it out for yourself!

How To Correct A Late Payment Record On Your Credit Report

Forgot to pay your Credit Card bill or loan EMI? Beware! Late payments and missed payments are the biggest threats to your credit health. Through this article, we shall discuss the different ways to remove the late payment remarks from your Credit Report.

How To Remove Negative Remarks From Your Credit Report

Do you have bad debt listed on your credit report? Fret not! Here’s how you can remove negative remarks from your credit report easily.

How Late Payments Can Leave You Credit-Sore!

Paid your Credit Card bill or EMI late? Chances are you’ve upset your Credit Score. It’s OK; breathe… and read on to understand how you can better manage your credit!

Yoga Day Special: 10 Financial Tips For Peace Of Mind!

On World Yoga Day, let go of stress and attain that elusive peace of mind by embracing the art of Yoga. While you seek internal tranquillity, let us take care of some financial worries that might be giving you sleepless nights. BankBazaar presents 10 financial tips to attain peace of mind. Read on!

Rupeedo Stupido In ‘Credit Score Lows’

Your Credit Score plays a big role in determining the fate of your loan or Credit Card application. Know more about different Credit Score ranges and how banks interpret them.

5 Misconceptions About Credit Scores

Banks and financial institutions usually check the credit score before approving your loan application. Read on to know about few misconceptions surrounding credit score that can hurt consumers.