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Get your FREE Experian Credit Score on the BankBazaar Mobile App!

Planning to apply for a loan or Credit Card? Did you check your Credit Score first? Here’s how you can do that and much more–only on the BankBazaar mobile app.

How To Get A Crackling Credit Score This Diwali

Slip into a state of absolute joy as delectable food and trippy lights wash away your worries this Diwali. But keep these tips handy to keep from overspending and keep debt at bay as this can harm your Credit Score.

4 Terrific Ways In Which A Good Credit Score Can Help You Save Money

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6 Obvious Reasons To Check Your Credit Score Regularly

If you think that the only time you need to check your Credit Score is when applying for a loan or Credit Card, think again! Here are 6 obvious reasons to check your score regularly.

7 Shockingly Simple Reasons Your Credit Score Isn’t Improving

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Drama Lama in ‘Credit Score – The New Matchmaker’

Did you know that a good Credit Score can help you find the right life partner?
Well, Drama Lama didn’t too. But it’s true.

Terrific Ways To Build Your Credit Score

Maintaining a good Credit Score requires discipline and bad repayment habits can cost you dearly in the long run. Here are terrific ways to build your Credit Score.