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8 Reasons To Take A Personal Loan To Boost Your Credit Score

There are many advantages of taking a Personal Loan. Did you know you can use it to boost your Credit Score too? Read on to find out how.

7 Things You Won’t Find In Your Credit Report

Here’s a look at seven financial areas that are NOT covered in your credit report. This will help you understand what financial behaviours do and do not impact your Credit Score. Let’s clear the clutter!

How To Check Your Financial Fitness

While your physical health is of utmost importance, your financial health is an indispensable part of your life as well. Are you financially fit? It’s time to find out.

Our Day Of ‘Wise Selfishness’ – A Visit To The Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore

As part of BankBazaar’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, a few employees recently visited the Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Centre (WRRC), Bangalore. What happened next was unprecedented.

7 Amazingly Effective Credit Score Lessons To Be Grateful For This Thanksgiving

A good Credit Score is a direct result of not just one, but a bunch of smart financial practices. Here are 7 amazingly effective Credit Score lessons to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Busting Myths Around Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

Maintaining a good Credit Score is extremely important as banks take this into consideration while approving a loan. Read on to know the factors that affect your Credit Score and the myths around it.

Things You Should Know Before Checking Your Credit Score

You can get a full understanding of your Credit Score by studying your credit report. Here are the things you should know before checking your Credit Score.

8 Surefire Ways To Explode Diwali Debt

While you’re enjoying Diwali doing loads of shopping and sampling delectable food with your family, there’s a devil lurking around the corner that you need to watch out for: Diwali debt. Read on to find out how you can slay that devil before it gives you sleepless nights.