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how to manage money when in school and college

BankBazaar Aspiration Index 2020

We launched the third edition of the award-winning BankBazaar Aspiration Index. Read on for the major highlights of the report. 

Survey: COVID-19 Impact on Personal Finance Management

How has COVID-19 impacted your finances? Tell us so that we can understand your needs better. As we bring on board new products, your inputs will help us curate the right experience for you.

Debunking 7 Myths About Working Moms

Working or not, mothers don’t have it easy. What probably makes their lives harder is a gaggle of assumptions that work to pull them down or pit them against each other. Time to debunk these.

Who Else Wants To Know How Child Plans Work

The birth of a child brings immeasurable joy to parents. However, after the initial euphoria subsides, the future expenses start staring at you in the face. Add to this the innumerable ads on TV and print media, and you’re left with only one choice: buy a child plan. That’s the beginning of your second problem… Read More »

Loans for your study abroad programs!

In today’s world, education is perhaps the most expensive thing, especially if one wishes to enroll for a higher degree in a premium institute abroad. According to the Google’s AdWords Keyword tool, nearly 1.5 lakh people from India, on an average, searched information for keywords like Education Loan, Student Loan Abroad and similar other phrases.… Read More »

How does personal loan compare to other loans?!

  Personal loans are a wonderful and easy means to raise funds in case of an urgent requirement. There are no security requirements for availing a personal loan whose processing time is the minimum. Thus many people prefer this option over the other kinds of loans that are available in the market. However there are… Read More »

Investing for your child!

Are you a proud and careful parent? It’s a simple question to answer. The fact that you are reading this article is proof in itself.  Not every parent is serious about the distant future of the child as planning is only visible in their intent and not action. The reason you cannot turn a blind… Read More »