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Financial Habits Of A Sensible Indian

COVID-19 is upon us with full force. While staying indoors will do you and others around you a whole lot of good, following these financial habits while at it will bode well even for your finances. 

2018: The Amazing Year That Was!

2018 was an incredible year in more ways than one. Here’s a kooky yet captivating look at what made the last twelve months so eventful and downright memorable. 

Drama Lama Applies For An Instant Loan In His Pyjama!

Wondering how to get money quickly during a cash crunch? Say hello to Short Term Personal Loans. Drama Lama learns how to get an STPL in his Pyjamas.

10 Years Of BankBazaar – Major Milestones

It’s been quite a ride here at BankBazaar. As we complete 10 years, we’ll take you through a typically quirky trip down memory lane and highlight the major milestones we’ve achieved along the way.

Drama Lama Celebrates BankBazaar’s 10th Birthday

Drama Lama is busy planning a party. While Mrs. Lama is pretty excited and thinks it’s a surprise for her, Lama has other plans. Why is he planning a party? Read on to find out.