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Why Aligning Mutual Fund Investment As Per Financial Goal Is Important

Mutual Funds if aligned with financial goals help in creating wealth. For best results, you should align the investment portfolio as per your updated financial situation. Read on to know about things to keep in mind.

Want To Be Rich? Step Up Your SIP Periodically

Stepping up your SIP is a feature that should be considered by all investors putting in money into Mutual Funds. Read on to know to know how it helps you accumulate wealth.

Is Liquid Fund A Safe Alternative To Savings Account?

Liquid funds can help you earn better interest rates than saving bank accounts without compromising much on cash withdrawal time. Read on to know more about its features.

Track Your Investment Portfolio Through Common Account Number (CAN)

If you have invested in multiple Mutual Funds, you can now track them through a Common Account Number (CAN). Read on to know more.

Do Balanced Funds Have A Place In Your Portfolio?

Balanced funds, which requires minimum maintenance, are a great way for a Mutual Fund investor to ensure that you are proactively exposed to equity and debt within the same fund.

7 Avoidable Mistakes When Creating Your Investment Portfolio

A badly constructed portfolio could lead to losses. Let us give you a guide to a few blunders you should avoid when creating your own investment portfolio.

Investment Tips: Should You Consider Stocks or Mutual Funds?

Investing in stock markets directly requires sound expertise. Mutual Funds, however, make investing in stock markets simpler for you as they are managed by professional fund managers. Here are some handy investment tips.

How To Maintain A Proper Asset Allocation Between Debt And Equity

Proper asset allocation between debt and equity will help you adequately invest for your various financial goals in a time period appropriate to your needs.

Why Liquid Funds Are A Better Bet In This Falling Interest Rate Era

A liquid fund is a debt oriented Mutual Fund scheme that allows investment for a very short period and offers stable returns.