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Provides tips on managing lifestyle and planning for the future.

What Demonetisation Taught Us About Money Management

The recent demonetisation wave wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience for many. But, it did teach us a number of life lessons. Here’s what we learnt.

JAM: Will The Idea Stick?

JAM, an initiative recommended by the Economic Survey of India, is geared towards improving the quality of life of Indians. Read on to know more about the program and its future.

13 Smart Tricks To Save On Your Wedding

Weddings are expansive and expensive affairs. Burgeoning expenses can sometimes cast a shadow on all the excitement and fun. But it doesn’t have to be so. Here are 13 smart tricks to rein in some expenses and yet present a grand affair.

Tax Planning And Saving Tips For NRIs

Has it become extremely difficult to manage your income in India and abroad? As your income doubles, so do your responsibilities. But don’t worry! We have some tips that can help you plan your taxes and save better too. Read on.

How To Manage Your Finances If You Suddenly Lose Your Job

Lost your job recently? We can imagine how you feel! But all is not lost, you can still manage to pull yourself together and fight this financial crunch. Read on, we promise to make you feel better.

4 Possible Leaks In Your Budget

So, you made a budget and you were sure that you’d be able to save a ton of money using this well thought-out budget. But come 25th of the month and you find yourself broke. What could have gone wrong? Find out.

7 Deadly Sins Of Financial Management

There are six things the Lord of Personal Finance hates, seven that are detestable: procrastination, greed, impulsiveness, disorganisation, gullibility, cowardice, imprudence. If you’re a sinner, here’s how to seek redemption.

6 Lazy Habits To Build Your Savings

When it comes to the world of money, the most difficult job is to build savings. A lot of us huff and puff to save money, often resorting to cost cutting-methods and fighting the temptation to spend. Instead of taking extreme measures, here are a few lazy habits that will help you save money the easy way.

Learning To Live Within Your Means

If you know how to live within your means, and find joy in it, well then, you have attained ‘financial nirvana’. One of the biggest perks of living within your means is leading a happy, stress-free life. So, here are some tips on how to live within your means and the benefits of doing so.