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4 Smart Money Lessons From Mumbai Dabbawalas

Mumbai’s dabbawalas have been serving up lessons in efficiency, management, leadership and excellence since time immemorial. When it comes to money, they could teach us some valuable financial lessons as well. Read on.

ELSS Focus: DSP Tax-Saver Fund

ELSS funds can help you save taxes under Section 80C. However, with too many such funds, choosing one might be tough. Here’s an ELSS fund that you can look at.

Mutual Fund Focus: DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund

Looking for equity Mutual Funds with a diversified portfolio and a large-cap bias? This might be the one. Read on to know more.

Tricks That Retailers Use To Make You Spend More

Did you know that retailers psychologically push you to spend as much as possible with their crafty pricing, clever placements, and more such tricks? Here is a list of the common tricks that retailers use to make you spend more.

All You Need To Know About Fixed Maturity Plans

Fixed Maturity Plans are often regarded as the Mutual Fund industry’s version of Fixed Deposits. But, should they find a place in your investment portfolio? Let’s find out here.

Personal Loans For Pensioners

Getting a Personal Loan after you retire is not easy. However, there are banks that offer Personal Loans to pensioners. Here are the details.

10 Money Lessons We Can Learn From Harry Potter

When it comes to money, we could do with a few tips from the wizard world. Here are 10 money lessons we can learn from the uber-popular Harry Potter series.

6 Ways Your Spending Habits Will Change Post Retirement

Money and the importance it’s going to assume in your twilight years will not be the same post-retirement. Find out how it will influence your spending habits.