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Why People Aren’t Buying Insurance

People have their own excuses for not buying insurance. Here are some of them. Does it cover one of yours? Then, it might be time to get that insurance plan. #insurance #lifeinsurance #healthinsurance #underinsured

How To Avoid These Five Common Health Insurance Distress

Performing due diligence while buying a Health Insurance policy can help in reducing the chances of distress to minimal.

Stay Insured On Rail Travel With IRCTC’s Accidental Insurance

Did you know the Indian Railways provides accidental insurance to its passengers? Here’s how you can avail it too.

How AI Can Empower The Insurance Sector

From underwriting insurance policies to offering personalized covers and improving the claim settlement process duration, Artificial Intelligence is bringing a powerful orientation to the insurance sector at large.

Critical Illness Plans For Hepatitis

Critical Illness Plans are specifically meant to cover treatments for critical illnesses such as hepatitis. Here’s a look at how these plans work.

Postal Life Insurance And Life Insurance Corporation Of India: What’s The Difference?

Insurance is a tricky topic that often confuses most of us. When it comes to Life Insurance, many people get confused between Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). We’re here to help you figure out the differences.

Family Floater Or Individual Health Plan?

A cover for the entire family instead of individual plans for each family member, and, that too, at a cheaper premium. Is this worth it? Let’s find out.