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Your Income Tax Exemption Guide For The Financial Year 2017-18

Worried about tax planning? Fret not! Here’s a consolidated list of deductions you can claim under different sections of the Income Tax Act.

Start Your Tax Planning Now – Part 2

In this concluding article from a two-part series on tax saving, we’ll tell you more about investment options that come under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

In Your 20s? Here’s How You Should Approach Tax Planning

Although life is all about enjoying yourself in your 20s, it is also extremely important to get into the groove of tax planning for your future.

The Lazy Investor’s Quick Guide To Last Minute Tax Savings

Here are some options for you to save tax under Section 80C, where you can invest and save up to Rs. 1.5 lakh in taxes.

5 Commonly Overlooked Ways You Could Save On Tax in 2017

If you’re looking for other ways to save tax, then check out some of these 5 commonly overlooked and underrated ways you could actually do so in 2017. Yes, there are savings beyond Section 80C!

Tax-Saving Investments to Grow Your Wealth

Section 80C has listed out various investment options which can not only help you save taxes, but also help you grow your wealth. Find out more right here!

Investments And Tax Tips For Those In The Highest Tax Bracket

If you’re in the 30% tax bracket, you’ll need to do more tax planning than those in the lower tax brackets. Of course, your taxes will be higher. But here are investments that you can consider.

7 Things You Should Know About PPF

Earlier it was not possible to close your PPF account before maturity. Now you can, after 5 years. We tell you all about this and more.