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4 Expenditures Under Section 80C That Can Help You Save Tax

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7 Smart Ways For Salaried Women To Save Tax

Worried about tax planning? Here are 7 smart ways that women can save taxes. Invest at the start of the year to avoid last-minute tax-saving decisions that can leave you in mess.

How Can ‘She’ Save Taxes In India?

Tax saving can help women use the saved amount in investing and building a higher corpus for retirement, and in accomplishing financial goals more efficiently.

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Can Charity Provide Tax Relief? 5 Odd Ways To Save Tax

While investment in instruments under Section 80C is popular, there are many tax saving sections that largely go unnoticed. Read on to know about five such minimally used tax saving sections.

Which Investment Declarations Will Give You Maximum Tax Benefit?

The investment declaration is sought by the employers to ascertain the tax that needs to be deducted from the salary of their employees. It is, hence, wise to assess your financial situation before making an investment declaration.