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Tax-Saving Investments to Grow Your Wealth

Section 80C has listed out various investment options which can not only help you save taxes, but also help you grow your wealth. Find out more right here!

Investments And Tax Tips For Those In The Highest Tax Bracket

If you’re in the 30% tax bracket, you’ll need to do more tax planning than those in the lower tax brackets. Of course, your taxes will be higher. But here are investments that you can consider.

7 Things You Should Know About PPF

Earlier it was not possible to close your PPF account before maturity. Now you can, after 5 years. We tell you all about this and more.

You Need Not Pay Tax On Certain Incomes

Do you wish there was income which was not liable to be taxed? It’s your lucky day. We’re going to tell you about income that is tax-free. Read on!

How To Save Tax On Long-Term Capital Gains

To save more on your long term capital gains, you need to plan your taxes right. Here’s how to do it.

Tax Benefits Of Life Insurance

Will you be saving on your taxes this year? Apart from providing your dependents with an income guarantee in case of your demise, a Life Insurance plan can also you give you some relief from the tax man!

ELSS Funds In 2016

Looking for the best option to save on tax and create long-term wealth? ELSS funds could be the answer. Here is our list of the Top 5 ELSS Funds you could invest in this year.