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Insurance cover against loss of life

How A Term Plan Does A Lot More Than Just Insure Life

If you’re looking to buy Life Insurance in order to claim tax deductions before March 31, we’ll tell you why you should give Term Insurance a chance this year.

3 Embarrassing Life Insurance Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask Your Agent

Zeroing in on a Life Insurance Policy could be tricky. There are always doubts. Here are a few important questions you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask your agent.

Life Insurance Claims & Helplines For The Flood Affected

You’ll be relieved to know that Insurance companies have made claims processes much easier for flood victims. This guide includes information about the documents required, claims procedures, and helpline numbers.

All About Human Life Value

Human Life Value indicates a person’s earning potential. How much is a human life worth? Let us tell you everything you need to know about this method of calculating your insurance needs.

Financial Products For Different Financial Needs

Here’s a personal finance guide that gives you ideal financial products for various financial needs.

Your Guide To Joint Life Insurance

Wondering if a Joint Life Insurance policy makes sense for you? Here’s a simplified summary of the pros and cons associated with a Joint Life Insurance plan to help you decide.

Live (Relatively) Long and Prosper

Recent data has revealed that the life expectancy of the average Indian is a pretty poor 68 – 69 years. Keeping this is mind, it would hold you in good stead to get yourself insured. Here’s where we come in to help you choose a suitable Life Insurance policy.

ULIP – Should You Consider Investing Or Not?

There are a couple of things you should consider before deciding whether or not ULIPs are suitable for you. Here are two important aspects to look at before investing in a ULIP.