10 Apps That Help You Manage Money

By | April 21, 2017

10 Apps That Help You Manage Money

Be it something as small as getting your groceries home-delivered or something as big as looking for the perfect dream house—check the App Store or Google Play, and you’ll find an app for it.

Well, like everything else, there are a couple of apps that help you manage various aspects of your finances. Right from where to invest to how to split a bill between friends (which often leads to a lot of quarrels), these apps can simplify everything for you. All you need is a smartphone, an internet plan and some patience! By the way, our mobile app has a lot of features to help you manage your money better. Give it a try.

Technology has changed our lives. We’re so connected to everything that before any news makes it to the headlines, it’s there on our Facebook newsfeed. Everything has changed. From the way we shop, eat, workout, to even our sleep patterns—everything is controlled and monitored by apps.

Managing your money right is the most important and sadly, the most boring part of becoming an adult! With so many things on your plate, it sometimes becomes difficult to do justice to a lot of other things—managing your expenses being one of them.

To experience the joy of being carefree, just like the old times, here are ten apps that you must use to manage money:

  1. Splitwise

With options for sharing food and utility bills with your friends on the go, Splitwise gives you a simple platform to keep a track of all your expenses. It eliminates the need for maintaining a daily account book to check who’s supposed to pay you and vice-versa. Get the ease of sharing your expenses with your roommates and friends in a matter of a few clicks. We all have a freeloader friend. Well, with this app, you can ensure that they pay their share, without fail!

  1. Mint

It’s a great way of maintaining a budget as it keeps sending alerts in case of any unusual spends and you also get to customize it for a better experience. In short, it’s your ‘budget police’. It helps you save money according to your budget and stops you from spending on unnecessary things. It gives you an option to check your Credit Score that will help you view the broader picture of your finances.

  1. Nearbuy

This app will bring a smile on your face if you love shopping! But to ensure that your budget remains unaffected by it, you need to look for the best possible deals every time you head out to shop. That’s what Nearbuy does for you. This app gives you information about the best deals around, so that you don’t end up spending unnecessarily. You get to avail discounts on a wide variety of products and that’s how you save better.

  1. Happy Hours India

As the name suggests, this app lets you explore all the good deals on food and drinks around you. What can be better than a list of some great places to eat at, and that too at  discounted prices! With this app, you get to know about the Happy Hours at a particular time and apart from saving, you also get to relish the specialities at different restaurants.

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  1. Buxfer

By letting you store all your accounts at one place, this app simplifies spending decisions for you. It also allows you to upload your bank statements without the need for any sensitive passwords. You get to add your expenses on-the-go even in the offline mode and hence it helps you understand where your money goes. By downloading this app, you finally get an answer to where your money has gone, by the end of the month! As a result, you get a better hold on your finances and also get to save for your future goals.

  1. Onavo

While using internet on your mobile, the biggest concern is keeping track of your data usage. If you consume more data than the limit prescribed on your plan, you can end up spending more than usual. This app, therefore, lets you keep a constant check on the data usage and gives you alerts about apps that consume a lot of data. You can either manually change the settings to restrict usage of those apps or download Onavo to let it do all this for you.

  1. MyTaxIndia

If you can’t seem to keep track of your taxes, this app is what you need. Apart from calculating your taxes, it tells you how much you need to invest for saving taxes. You get to monitor your savings with the help of graphs that are easy to decipher and understand, making tax-planning fun and interesting.

  1. CarDekho

Sometimes, due to financial restrictions, you don’t get to buy your brand new dream car. The good news is that you don’t need to feel disheartened if that happens because with this app, you get to find your dream car at a much cheaper rate. CarDekho not only gives you a platform to compare cars of different models and brands, it also lets you sell and search for new as well as old cars. Hence, you find your dream car at a not-so dreamy price!

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  1. Stock Watch

This app lets you keep an on-the-go track of your portfolio by giving you live quotes for stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Apart from this, you also get expert advice on which stocks you should stick to and which you should let go of. There’s no better way to manage your equities than this app.

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  1. Money Lover

With options to add daily transactions and set budget limits on various things like entertainment, travel, food etc., this app lets you manage your finances well. If you are one of those who spend most of their time thinking about where the money went, you probably need this the most! You won’t lose track of your money, once you download this.

If you don’t merely want to depend on these apps for managing your money, we can provide you with more reliable solutions.

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