10 Hacks To Become A Money-Wise Traveller

By | December 1, 2016

10 Hacks To Become A Money-Wise Traveller

Who doesn’t love travelling? When a vacation calls out to you, it is bad manners to keep it waiting. Travelling is a just reward for all the work you put in throughout the year.

While you might be super excited about the long overdue vacation, the stress of travel expenses can creep into your mind and bog you down. So before you pack your bags and head out to unwind, check out our 10 useful tips to save money by becoming a money-wise traveller.

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  1. Plan And Save For Vacations: It is always a great idea to plan your holidays in advance and start saving for it. This helps you cut down last-minute, panicky expenses and you will be surprised to see how much you can save by planning in advance. Book your flight tickets, train tickets and hotel rooms in advance for reasonable rates instead of spending a bomb with a last-minute booking.
  2. Get Travel Insurance: We often ignore the value of Travel Insurance only to repent later. A Travel Insurance policy may cover flight cancellation, flight delays, hotel booking cancellations, packaged tour cancellations, etc. saving a whole lot of money that might have vanished in thin air, otherwise.
  3. Get Travel Health Insurance: If you or a family member falls ill or has an accident while on a holiday, you can seek immediate medical attention. And since healthcare is very expensive in India and even more so abroad, a Travel Health Insurance policy can protect you during an emergency while travelling. It may cost a little more than the regular Travel Insurance policy but you will save a lot more bucks with Travel Health Insurance by your side. Before you go for a certain Travel Health Insurance plan, make sure they cover hospitals that are around your vacationing spot.
  4. Travel Light: Pack light and always keep room for souvenirs and other shopping items that you are bound to buy during your vacation. If you are travelling by flight, weigh your bags beforehand to avoid any excess-baggage fees.
  5. Follow Your Favourite Airline: There are some wonderful offers which airlines dish out to their members and followers. Make sure that you follow them on social media and sign up for their newsletters as you get to know about their offers and discounts before the majority of the people. If you have LTA in your salary perks, book flight or train tickets (First AC) so that you can get it reimbursed.
  6. Couchsurf, Stay In Hostels Or Volunteer: While luxury travelling is no doubt wonderful, the true joy of travelling lies in simple experiences. Instead of staying in hotels, opt for staying in hostel dorms or try couchsurfing to save money as well as gain new experiences. You can also stay for free at a few places if you are willing to chip in and volunteer from time to time. Voluntourism is all the rage, if you didn’t know already!
  7. Utilise Credit Card Rewards: Credit Card offers and reward points can help you save a great deal on your travelling expenses. Use Airline Credit Cards to get free air miles and tickets at a discounted price. A few Credit Cards offer special rewards and cashback offers on online hotel bookings.
  8. Use Overseas Friendly Cards: When you use a domestic Credit Card abroad, it can lead to a lot of exorbitant charges like foreign transaction fee, foreign conversion fee, cash withdrawal fee, etc. Choose a Credit Card company that has a wide network worldwide and opt for an overseas travel-friendly Credit Card that waives off cash withdrawal fee, foreign transaction fee, foreign conversion fee, etc.
  9. Shop From Government Authorised Shops: Tourism is an industry. And almost all tourist spots are teeming with shops and stalls that sell souvenirs at expensive rates. If you want to buy a rather fancy souvenir, it is advisable to buy it from government-authorised shops as they sell it at government-approved rates.
  10. Eat Like A Local: Experiencing new cuisines is an essential part of travelling. Go where the locals eat and let your taste buds experience something new. This way you can save money which you might have otherwise spent eating in an overpriced, luxurious restaurant.

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Follow these 10 money-saving hacks of wise travellers and travel stress-free! So, start saving now. Go explore your options:

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