5 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer With A Credit Card

By | March 12, 2017

5 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer With A Credit Card

Summers in India just seem to be getting hotter and hotter every passing year with no respite in sight. With temperatures reaching boiling point in some parts of the country, and with cities hacking down trees in their thousands to make way for what is now termed as ‘progress’, it’s no wonder that people tend to lose their cool more often than not.

You’ve probably already got Credit Card bills or Loan repayments to contend with, so the last thing you need over the next few months is the blazing sun beating down your neck, especially when you’re commuting to and from work every single day.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t just stop there. With India already showing up on internet search engines as a synonym for ‘power cuts’, you can be sure that you’ll be spending your evenings swatting mosquitoes, drenched in your own bodily fluids.

In fact, even switching on every single fan at home barely makes a difference, especially if you happen to live along the coastal regions of southern India. The intense heat coupled with the molasses-like humidity makes it feel like every step you take is akin to Atlas carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Well, at least he didn’t have to worry about trivial stuff like Home Loan and Car Loan repayments back then since the onus was already on him to sort his troubles out.

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Anyway, all jokes aside, the reason you’re reading this is probably because you can already feel a bead of sweat trickling down the back of your neck. So, without further ado, here are 5 nifty ways you can beat the heat this summer with the help of a Credit Card.

  1. Condition Yourself

Relax! We aren’t asking you to get down and give us 300 push-ups at a stretch. We’re talking about getting yourself a brand-new air-conditioner for your home or your apartment.

Let’s face it. You know deep down that sticking your face in front of a table fan all day isn’t really feasible. Well, not unless you can’t get enough of doing that hilarious ‘robot voice’ thing when you talk directly into it.

Anyway, if you’re really looking to stay cool this summer, then an air-conditioner should be right at the top of your list of priorities. Sure, they can be a bit expensive, but with the help of a Credit Card, you could buy one and pay off the amount in bits and pieces over time. You could even opt for an EMI scheme where you pay back the full amount in instalments every month.

All you have to do is visualise yourself basking on your sofa as torrents of crisp, cool air wash all over you. Sounds pretty heavenly to us!

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  1. No More Downs. Only UPS!

Frequent power cuts have almost become the norm all over India. And you certainly do not want to be without electricity when summer starts calling. It’s tantamount to sticking a turkey in a microwave and watching while its skin slowly turns a delicious golden brown. Mmmmm.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While getting yourself an air-conditioner may work wonders when it comes to reducing your body temperature, it really won’t make a difference if the power to your home or apartment goes AWOL.

This is exactly why you need a UPS to counter all those pesky power cuts that come unannounced. Depending on your electricity needs and requirements, you could get a UPS inverter at prices ranging from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 16,000.

If you’re on a tight budget, then using your Credit Card can certainly sort this dilemma out for you in a jiffy. And there’s no better time than the present to get out there and get a UPS inverter of your own since prices are sure to go up as the mercury begins to rise.

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  1. Bring In A New Ice Age

No, we don’t mean running out and getting a DVD of the animated cartoon. We’re talking about getting yourself a brand-new fridge or freezer, if you don’t already have one.

Picture this. You’re absolutely melting in your stuffy apartment and you’ve already done away with every piece of clothing except the ones that (barely) cover your modesty. Unfortunately, the only thing cool enough to drink at your place is a two-day-old bottle of orange squash. Blechh!

Just imagine how awesome it would be to stretch out a hand, reach into your fridge or freezer and pick out an ice cold beer. If that doesn’t make you want to wriggle your toes in delight, we don’t know what will.

All you need to do is slip your Credit Card into your pocket and go shopping. Hop on over to your nearest electronics showroom and pick out a fridge that comes with a freezer as well as a contraption that dispenses ice cubes, just in case you want to shove some into your clothing on those extra warm days.

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  1. Hop On Board The Polar Express

If you have a ton of leave saved up at work or if you’re just self-employed and are looking to head out somewhere to escape the blistering rays of the sun, then make use of your Credit Card and book yourself onto a flight to a cooler destination.

Luckily for you, India has no shortage of these. You could head to one of the many hill stations around the country or make your way up north to rub shoulders with the snow-covered mountains that litter the Himalayan landscape.

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Or, you could even head out of the country to cooler locations around the world where the sun has a restraining order placed on it. Make your way to the icy landscapes of Iceland, Finland or even remote regions of Russia if sub-zero temperatures get your blood flowing.

And if you REALLY want to get away from the frying pan that is your city, you could catch a cruise to Antarctica and shack up with some penguins. Just make sure you brush up on your igloo-building skills well in advance.

If that piqued your interest, you could get yourself an Airline Credit Card and earn amazing rewards while traversing the planet in search of enjoyable climates.

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  1. Pool In

If you happen to own a house with a garden or a backyard, then one of the most effective and relaxing ways to beat the heat is to get a massive, inflatable pool of your own. Imagine coming home after a hard day at work, gasping for air due to all the heat and pollution. Sounds absolutely awful.

Simply mosey on down to a sporting goods store or even the sporting goods section at any of the big malls nearby and pick up an inflatable pool with a single swipe of your Credit Card. Just make sure you don’t pick up other inflatable items on the sly as well just because you haven’t been on a date in months.

And if you’re really in the mood to spend big, you could probably install an entire swimming pool if your backyard is big enough. That should keep you as cool as a cucumber even during the most blistering of months.

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With these 5 Credit Card purchases you could be chilling out big time this summer and for summers to come. Oh, and by the way, don’t forget to redeem all your Credit Card Reward points as well while you’re at it.

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