5 Wedding Ideas That DIY Hard

By | November 23, 2016


So you’re tying the knot, but you’re at your wit’s end because your finances have you in knots of your own. There just doesn’t seem any way you can meet the deluge of wedding expenses raining down on you without maxing out your Credit Card or taking out another Personal Loan. But, before you do anything stupid, take a deep breath and consider your alternatives. After all, you don’t HAVE to go by the book.

Traditional weddings can be quite heavy on the pocket and can be quite a bore as well. Instead, you could throw caution to the wind and adopt a ton of great do-it-yourself wedding ideas that can keep your expenses low without taking anything away from the ‘specialness’ of the occasion. However, if your spouse demands a wedding that rivals Kate Middleton and Prince William’s royal extravaganza, then we don’t really have much to say.

In any case, if you’re both looking to break away from tradition and do something a little out of the way that isn’t too hard on your wallet, here are some cool ideas that could not only save you some money but also add some pizzazz to your wedding.

  • Hold Your Breath

Have you ever considered getting married underwater? Not only is it ‘different’, but you won’t have to invite a lot of people unless they’re hell-bent on getting their own oxygen tanks.

Just kidding. Anyway, all you need to do is ask a friend if you can use their swimming pool, or maybe even hire a small resort with a pool and turn your wedding into a massive pool party. Get everyone to stand around the pool while you, your fiancé and a priest seal the deal down below before your guests jump in to celebrate.

Get some pizza, some beer and some beach balls and your wedding will be remembered for years to come. Just make sure the priest has enough oxygen to get through the ceremony or you’ll probably end up contacting his Life Insurance company while he’s busy meeting his maker.

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  • Get Some Air

How about skydiving? If you and your spouse happen to be adrenaline junkies then there can be no bigger thrill than trying the knot while plunging towards potential death at hundreds of miles per hour.

Skydiving prices in India range from as little as Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 30,000 per jump, which you can book using your Credit or Debit Card. So if you find a pastor who isn’t too afraid of heights, then you could wrap up your wedding within a lakh and put the phrase ‘till death do us part’ to a stern test. In fact, you could even save on parachutes if your wife decides to wear a gown that size.

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  • The Hills Are Alive

No, you don’t have to break into song a la Julie Andrews. All you need to do is head up a hill overlooking a picturesque view and have a wedding cum picnic with your closest friends and relatives. In fact, you could ferry all your guests on a bus and carry some great homemade food along.

After all, what could be more romantic than exchanging vows on a cliff with the sun setting in the background? And the best part is, it would barely cost you anything. You could even invest a good portion of the money you save in a Mutual Fund or a Fixed Deposit. No stuffy halls or blaring music. Just the sound of nature and the fresh odour of animal droppings wafting through the air.

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  • Animal Magnetism

Zoos may not be a particularly fun place if you’re an animal lover, but if you’re looking for an off-beat way to get hitched then doing it at your local zoo is about as DIY as it can get. Most zoos charge a minimum fee, so you can get all your guests in for a pittance. Walk down a pretend aisle towards the tiger pit, perform the nuptials in front of a bunch of lions and kiss your bride next to a bunch of monkeys (no, not your guests).

How’s that for variety? Plus all the young kids will absolutely love it. It beats having them over and trashing everything at your new house, especially since you’re still paying off that Home Loan you took out a while ago.

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  • For Your Amusement

Weddings tend to remind couples that they’ve finally crossed the threshold into true adulthood. It’s a sobering thought for sure, but why succumb to such dreary notions? Roll back the years and tie the knot at an amusement park.

Imagine exchanging vows on a giant wheel over 100 feet in the air. That would certainly be a moment to cherish. With most amusement parks offering unlimited rides for a token fee, you and your guests could have a wedding party that will live long in the memory. Just make sure your parents have their dentures and Health Insurance policies in order before strapping them in on a double-barrel roller coaster.

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There you have it! 5 DIY wedding ideas that will not only make heads turn, but will keep your bank account from imploding like a dwarf star.

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