6 Travel Insurance Myths That Need To Be Busted Right Away

By | June 24, 2016

6 Travel Insurance Myths That Need To Be Busted Right Away

If you keep travelling a lot for business or for leisure, you might want to consider opting for a Travel Insurance plan that can cover a range of risks you may be subject to while on the move. While you may think that Life Insurance is enough to secure you against anything unexpected, consider the benefits of Travel Insurance and we’re sure you’ll do a rethink.

A Travel Insurance plan usually covers a number of unexpected events including delayed flights and lost baggage. But before you decide to start exploring various insurance plans, here’s a list of six Travel Insurance myths that need to be busted right away:

  1. Nothing can go wrong on a trip

Most of us, especially the ones who keep travelling every month or at least once in a fortnight, keep thinking that nothing can go wrong on a trip, since we’ve never had a bad experience. Well, emergencies and unfortunate events don’t knock before arriving! In fact, while travelling, you are at a higher risk as you’re in an alien land, where getting enough help could be difficult. So, instead of taking things for granted and toeing the ragged edge of disaster, it’s better to get your Travel Insurance done.

  1. Medical Insurance is enough to cover you

Having a Medical Insurance plan doesn’t mean that you’re totally covered against unfortunate events that can happen abroad. While some Medical Insurance plans might cover you for a short trip, in case the situation worsens and you’ve to stay for longer, you might not have a cover. There are some insurance plans that don’t cover your trip cancellation, natural disasters or medical expenses. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to explore all the available insurance plans first, before choosing one.

  1. Travel Insurance merely covers catastrophic situations

Most people live under this misconception that a Travel Insurance plan only provides cover for catastrophic situations. Most of these insurance plans also provide an extensive cover that includes things like plane tickets, tour packages, hotel rooms, medical expenses abroad, emergency evacuations, lost luggage, delayed flights and a lot more. So, next time you think Travel Insurance just covers catastrophic damages, think again.

  1. Only people into adventure sports need it

While it’s very essential for risk takers and adventure-sports enthusiasts to get Travel Insurance, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need it. You could find yourself in the middle of a complicated emergency at any time. So, staying prepared won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll minimise your expenses and provide you with an extensive cover as well.

  1. Airline will cover the charges if a flight is delayed or cancelled

In case of a cancellation or a delayed flight, the airline is only obligated to put you on the next available flight. It’s not the airline’s responsibility to pay for the losses you incur in the process. So, if you think that your airline is going to sponsor the next flight in case of a cancellation, you’re mistaken. At times like these, Travel Insurance comes in handy to help you out.

  1. All Travel Insurance plans are the same

While the insurance plans offered by different companies are more or less the same, there are a number of differences as well. For instance, ICICI Lombard offers a cashless hospitalisation facility. That’s why it’s essential for you to inquire well before deciding which plan to opt for.


Before buying Travel Insurance, compare policies across institutions. Choose a policy that meets your need and one that you can afford. You wouldn’t want your policy to cost as much as your flight ticket, would you?

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