7 Tips For Teenagers To Make Money

By | January 23, 2019

Want to find out how you can make money while you’re still in your teens? Here are 7 tips for teenagers to make money.

7 Tips For Teenagers To Make Money

Our teenage years are often considered the age of rebellion. If you remember being a teenager yourself, you’re probably familiar with the tremendous pressure teenagers go through during this time. And if you’re a parent to a teenager, then God save you!

Money is often one of a teenager’s major concern. Since they’re at an age where they aren’t old enough to get a job, they often turn to their parents for financial support.

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That said, you can always encourage your teenager to learn how to make money for themselves. Here are some great ideas for teenagers to earn money.

  1. Be A Dog Walker

    In most big cities space is a constraint and dog owners have hectic jobs and no time to walk their dogs. This is a wonderful opportunity for your teenager to pitch in and offer his/her services to such dog owners to walk their dog.

Since pet owners know how important it is for their dogs to go on their daily walk, they are usually willing to pay quite handsomely for this service. If you manage to get hold of three or four such pet owners, you can earn a decent amount every month. 

  1. Be A Pet Sitter 

    Commonly, pet owners find it real hard to travel with their pets. Often, their only resort is a pet care centre which isn’t an ideal option due to paranoia that their pet won’t be cared for like the way they do.

Also there may be a lack of such pet care centres close to their homes.  In such scenarios, you can offer to ‘pet sit’ their pets and earn a sizable income based on the number of days you have to care for their pet. 

  1. Offer To Baby Sit

    Parents of children below the age of 12 often need help with babysitting especially during summer vacations or if they are working, travelling or running errands. All you need to know is how to engage kids for a good couple of hours and you’re good to go.

  1. Be A Blogger

    Who doesn’t love being on social media? Everyone does! And while you’re at it, why not make that time you use for surfing a little more productive? Become a blogger or an influencer on Instagram or YouTube. If you manage to get a certain number of followers, you can make money as you post or get to endorse various brands and review their products. How about that for quick money, eh? 

  1. Sell Handmade Products Online 

    If you paint, sketch, bake, knit, or know to make anything at all you should try selling your work online. You can open a Facebook page to begin with, take orders as and when you find the time and make some money from it. This is a great way to keep your hobby alive and make a few additional bucks too!

  2. Find Data Entry Jobs 

    A lot of companies often look to dump their data entry work on summer interns or students who are willing to work part-time. Most of these jobs can be done over a few hours in the week and don’t really need a particular skill set. You can take up such jobs since they pay decently and you have nothing to lose. 

  1. Tutor Kids 

    One of the easiest ways to make money is to teach younger kids. Whether it’s a language or a musical instrument, you can hold tuitions or classes in your spare time. More often than not, parents don’t mind paying well for such services.

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