8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom Hidden In 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

By | June 27, 2016

Power. Politics. Violence. Dragons. White Walkers (Ice Zombies). These are the few things that make HBO’s Game of Thrones one of the most loved TV series of all time. And for those who haven’t watched it, we are sure you must have heard of it even if you are living under a rock. But did you know that there is interesting financial wisdom hidden beneath the surface of this amazing TV show? Yes, you read that right!

There is a lot to learn about money and savings from Game of Thrones if you know how to read between the lines.

For diehard fans of the series, we have a little puzzle for you. Can you decipher the name of each house? Then take a look at the motto of each house and see what they actually mean from a financial perspective.

House ‘Rhymes with Lark’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: Winter is Coming.

Meaning: It is a warning that dark and difficult times are just around the corner.

Financial wisdom: Monetary emergencies come knocking at your door at the most unexpected times. And there is no one who has been spared from the unexpected nature of life. So, it is better to start saving now and prepare yourself for a rainy day. Invest your money wisely and let it grow so that you can fight the money crunch when it hits your shore. It is a warning to expect the unexpected and indulge in some serious savings schemes.

House ‘Rhymes with Bannister’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: A ‘Bannister’ always pays his debts

Meaning: You’ve got to pay for your deeds. What goes around, comes around!

Financial Wisdom: The money that you have borrowed has to be returned with interest. That is the law of our financial institutions and no one escapes this law. Borrow the amount of money that you can repay on time or else be ready to carry around the burden of debt for a long time by paying much more in the form of interest. Before you opt for a loan, sketch your repayment plan. Before swiping your Credit Card, think about whether you can avoid high interest by paying your dues on time. Be aware of your repaying capabilities before borrowing money.

House ‘Sounds like Pantheon’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: Ours is the fury

Meaning: Play with fire and it will burn you down to ashes. Do not attract the wrath of the powerful!

Financial Wisdom: Let’s consider that fire is equivalent to a loan default and powerful is equivalent to credit-lending companies. Do not test the patience of banks and lending companies by defaulting on a loan payment time and again. Loan default is a very serious offence in the financial world. It can ruin your Credit Score, ruining your hopes for future credit. It can attract the wrath of the banks who can take drastic steps like repossessing your property and auctioning it to recover the money. Loan default can leave you reeling in great losses.

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House ‘Rhymes with Spray Toy’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: We do not sow

Meaning: We don’t have to toil hard and build or make something. We will just take what is ours by hook or by crook.

Financial wisdom: The motto of the iron born is both a social commentary on the lavish lifestyle of the youth and an antithesis of their financial plight. A major chunk of the urban population of India avoid savings and investment but splurge in pubs, on dine outs and movies. With spending almost everything that they earn to fulfil their lavish lifestyles, these urban poor don’t have much to show for as savings. But when a monetary emergency occurs, unlike the members of this house who snatch what they need, the urban youth can’t live off of others’ savings and have to turn to loans to bail them out. And thus, they get caught in the web of debt. This is a classic example of the tale of the ant and the grasshopper. It gives us a lesson to cut down on unwanted expenses and save for a rainy day.

House ‘Sounds like Squirrel’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: Growing Strong

Meaning: Growth is a continuous process. And with every passing moment, we gain strength and prosperity

Financial Wisdom: This motto simply highlights the best financial practices that would help your money grow. It pretty much encapsulates wise-money advice like save religiously, repay debts on time, borrow what you can repay, invest in the future, etc. It underlines the fact that monetary stability is a continuous process and your savings will only swell with time if done correctly. Never stop saving!

House ‘Rhymes with Cartel’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken      

Meaning: Don’t accept defeat and wave the white flag under tough circumstances because winners are born at the point losers quit.

Financial Wisdom: When a money crisis strikes, it breaks the back of most savings schemes. Panic sets in as you are caught in the eye of a financial storm, and breaking that Fixed Deposit or dissolving that retirement scheme seems like a sane idea. But those who don’t give into throwing their savings away emerge victorious in the long run. Savings schemes give great returns for your future and it is not advisable to break them at any cost. If you are facing a money crunch, seek out loans against investments before going for loans such as Personal Loans. Don’t bow to emergencies that can be handled tactfully.

House ‘Rhymes with Gulley’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: Family, Duty, Honour

Meaning: Family comes first and is the most important thing above all. Do your duty towards those you love and feel proud of what you are doing.

Financial Wisdom: We all love our families. And it is your duty to save for their future and financial stability. Invest in schemes that would benefit your family in the long run. Buy Life Insurance cover to ensure financial stability of your family after your death. Build college funds and marriage funds for your kids by investing in high-yield schemes like Mutual Funds. And while you are at it, teach your kids about the value of money and savings so that they honour you for what you are doing, and follow your footsteps in the future.

House ‘Rhymes with Barren’

8 Bits Of Financial Wisdom From The 8 Game Of Thrones Houses

Motto: As High As Honour

Meaning: Always stick by fair values and principles that earn you respect

Financial Wisdom: Always respect the rules of the financial world and do not resort to any unfair means of accumulating money. Money laundering, tax evasion, etc. might earn you a lot of money but when caught it not only spells doom for you financially but also diminishes your respect in society and among your loved ones. Take pride in being a responsible tax payer contributing to the development of the country. Save money but do it in an honourable way.

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Now that you know how GOT has important money lessons hidden beneath its interesting plot, may the light of financial wisdom shine on you. For the night is dark and full of terrors!

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