9 Fees You Could Save On Travel

By | May 20, 2015


Most people postpone their travel plans because they think they’re too busy, or it’s too expensive. If you have postponed it for the second reason, saving money while travelling is simple. In fact, traveling on a budget is fun, and with a little planning, you can keep aside all those unwanted charges many people end up paying.

Here are 10 charges that you can send packing on your travel.

Airport exchange charges

As soon as you land in a foreign country, you’ll need some money in the local currency. It seems quite easy, as you can get your rupee exchanged at the airport itself. But remember, opting for money exchange at the airport may see you paying a high exchange fee.

You could lose up to 10-15% additionally here, as compared to that at the other exchange outlets in the city.

ATM card charges

ATMs are everywhere, bringing the local currency very close to you, wherever you are. But, withdrawing money abroad using your debit card can cost more in the form of additional charges. Most banks will charge a flat rate of Rs. 100 to Rs. 250 for each cash withdrawal on top of service taxes and foreign currency conversion charges.

Technology has advanced and now you have different options like travel cards than carrying cash.

Credit card charges

Purchases made overseas through credit cards too have become costly, as card charges get added when you use them at various outlets.  This escalates the overall cost of your purchase, which could be avoided.

Card companies usually charge around 3-4% of the transaction amount and service taxes for each foreign transaction. Most times, this is apart from a conversion fee in the range of 1-2% of the amount.

Peak season charges

Are you in the habit of making last minute travel plans? You are not alone. You probably also overshoot your budget. Most airlines and hotels charge higher on days closer to the booking date. Also, the charges during weekends and peak seasons are higher as compared to weekdays.

Plan ahead, book early, and save some money. Or a few wads!

Medical charges

Avoid medical charges when you travel abroad, as they can be quite prohibitive.Ensure that you have taken a travel insurance to face any such untoward situations abroad. Travel insurance offers medical protection against any medical emergencies along with protection for baggage loss, delay of baggage or personal accident.

You can also get coverage for your existing diseases if you suspect that it may relapse on travel.

Home Insurance

Imagine you’re relaxing on a sunny beach in Florida and savoring every moment of your well-deserved vacation when you get a call about a burglary at your home. Nothing else could put you in a more vulnerable and helpless situation. So if you have not opted for a home insurance, go for travel insurance plans that offer protection against theft at home, so that you get peace of mind to enjoy your travel.

Many travel insurance plans come with a home protective cover offering the best of both the world, balancing travel insurance with home protective cover.

Baggage fees

Make sure that you weigh your baggage before you leave home and take out any unnecessary items if you find you’re over the limit. The excess baggage charges levied by airlines are very hefty. For example, if you are travelling to Europe in Air India and your baggage weight exceeds 23 kg, you will be charged EUR 50. This doubles for the second and third piece.

So, read the reverse of your air ticket and make sure you know the conditions of air travel as specified by the airlines operating your flight.

Bulky cab fees

Cab fees dent your pocket much more than you care to imagine. These miscellaneous charges for most people proves to be far beyond their expectations. Instead, most countries offer city tourism cards to reach out to many attractions for one price. Typically, they cost very less as compared to the fees of other private transportation modes.

Save a lot of miscellaneous travel costs by opting for lesser-known local travel options.

Go Duty Free

Most airports have duty free shops that you can take advantage of to avoid taxation along with your purchases. Going tax-free for some of your purchases might make it a less expensive affair.

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