A Loan-ly Jaunt Through Space

By | July 10, 2017

You’re an intrepid space explorer, hurtling through the nether regions of the universe at mach speed strapped into your trusty space cruiser. You have no worries and no regrets. Only the vast emptiness of space stands before you, waiting to give up its secrets to whosoever dares to take the plunge.

Unfortunately, you will need to get your feet back on the ground sooner or later. There may come a point in time when you require some of the basic necessities in life, like a house, or a car, or to pay for your child’s education. The fact of the matter is these things cost a fair bit, and when you’re struggling to make ends meet it can be quite a task to rustle up the necessary funds to pay for the whole shebang.

This is where loans come in. There are a whole range of Loan Products out there that can help you meet a plethora of needs, and we’re here to fill you in on the different types of loans you can acquire. Sounds a bit dull? Don’t you worry. We’re going to get you back on your interstellar voyage, but this time we’ve set the co-ordinates for you. And just to make the trip a little bit more interesting, we’ve planned your route with a few pit-stops along the way.

As you leave planet Earth and make your way into the cold, dark void of space, you come face to face with a barrage of pint-sized meteors. While you take evasive action, you can’t help but think how these meteors remind you of all the little expenses that try and burn holes in your bank account every month. Unfortunately, your ship has suffered extensive damage, but you manage to manoeuvre expertly enough to reach your first pit stop. The planet of Personal Loans. Luckily for you, Personal Loans can be used for any expense you can think of. From debt consolidation, to paying for your wedding, to covering medical bills, and in your case, even to fix up your ship. And the cool thing is, you can get a Personal Loan incredibly quickly, and with minimum documentation. Taking out a Personal Loan from the planet’s local lenders helps you cover the damages to your craft, and buy supplies for the rest of the way.

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With your ship all repaired, you blast off and head to your next pit stop, which seems to be tucked in somewhere deep inside a gigantic gas cloud. This is where you will set up base so you always have a safe haven to come back to in case things go awry. Cutting your boosters, you make a soft landing on the planet of Home Loans. You’ve always wanted a base of your own, but never had the funds to set it up. That is, until now. A short meeting with the planet’s financial institutions helps you land a Home Loan without too much trouble, which eventually helps you set up your dream base. And all you have to do is make regular payments along with interest towards the loan over the next few years.

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After setting up your home base, it’s time to explore the rest of the universe stress-free, safe in the knowledge that you have a stronghold to return to at any time. Your ship’s co-ordinates guide you towards a strange, oblong looking planet with bizarre topography. With your exploratory instincts aroused, you touch down on what is known throughout the galaxy as Planet Car Loan. Traversing through the planet’s rough terrain on foot is not something you particularly fancy, so you take out a Car Loan from one of the many banks that litter the landscape, and voila! You have your own dune buggy to easily negotiate those annoying craters the same way you used to do back in India.

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After satisfying your exploratory urges, you head back to your ship and zoom away to a tiny planet that seems to be suspended in space on the outer edges of a neutron star. The planet’s surface seems to be completely smooth, with no visible craters or protrusions. As you land, you decide it’s time to have some fun, for this is the Planet of Two-wheeler Loans. You quickly take out a loan from one of the local lenders and get yourself a flashy, intergalactic quad bike, which you use to zoom across the planet’s ultra-flat surface. But the joyride’s over, as you start to feel a bit homesick. You make your way back to your home base, where over the next few years, you start a family of your own.

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As time goes by, you realise that your kids need to have their educational needs met, and you can’t really afford to send them to the best universities back on Earth. So you put on your space suit and warp drive your way to Planet Education Loan. Luckily for you, you manage to acquire a loan without too much hassle from one of the many financial institutions set up there. You heave a sigh of relief since you can now give your kids the best education they can possibly get, and you quickly make your way back home through a wormhole to tell your family the good news.

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Looks like your journey ends there. You’re resting comfortably on your patio without a care in the world, watching shooting stars go by. But don’t get too comfy, because you’ve got repayments to make. Time to get back to those moon mines.

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