A Personal Loan Could Be Your Very Own Superhero

By | April 18, 2017

A Personal Loan Could Be Your Very Own Superhero

With superhero movies literally flying out of Hollywood thick and fast, you’re probably in the doghouse after spending close to a king’s ransom on superhero movie tickets, toys, accessories, lunch boxes and maybe even some replica costumes.

In any case, whether you’ve blown a fortune trying to keep up with your comic book fetishes, or you’re just terribly short of funds because you’re coming off the back of one too many years of irresponsible Credit Card swiping, the fact of the matter is, if you’re down in the dumps financially, you need to find a way to claw yourself out, just like Wolverine would through a vat of beef lasagne.

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So, what exactly do you do if you find yourself in a scenario like this? You certainly can’t go back in time like Superman did in his first movie appearance, nor can you ghost through walls like the Vision and empty out a bank vault.

Well, luckily for you, you can always harness the power of a Personal Loan. In fact, Personal Loans have been saving people from financial peril since time immemorial, and we’re pretty sure they’ve saved more people than every single superhero combined.

If you’ve ever hesitated getting yourself a Personal Loan, we’re here to tell you that there’s nothing to it. Acquiring one in this day and age is incredibly easy and quite straightforward. As long as you have a good Credit Score and Credit History, and you don’t land up at the bank dressed like Robin, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all.

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The following Personal Loan features should further convince you that it could certainly be one of the better moves you can make to get yourself out of financial trouble:

1) Zero Collateral

One of the best things about applying for a Personal Loan is that you don’t need to provide any collateral whatsoever provided you meet certain eligibility criteria of the issuing Bank. If you ever feel sorry for yourself watching Batman gallivant around town in his swanky Batmobile and that voice, then stop right now.

You don’t need to own assets like a car, or even a house, to apply for a Personal Loan. All you need to do is head over to a bank, meet the eligibility criteria and fill in the application form. Simple.

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2) Speedy Approval

If you thought the Flash was fast, then you don’t really know much about Personal Loans yet. Sure, heading over to a bank to go through the application humdrum may be slightly time consuming, but it’s still quick enough to get your Personal Loan disbursed in a couple of days.

However, if you just can’t wait to get your hands on all that moolah, then it’s time to go all Iron Man on your Personal Loan application. Embrace the wonders of modern technology (and do away with the lame jokes while you’re at it) and get your Personal Loan ‘e-approved’ in order to get your application processed in double quick time.

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3) Freedom To Decide

We’re pretty sure you watched Spiderman swinging about the city in his tights performing all kinds of aerial gymnastics while you secretly wished you had that kind of freedom. Hopefully you haven’t also tried stuffing your hand into a jar full of spiders while you were at it.

Just like Spiderman’s tights and his superhuman ability to leap from building to building gives him an almost unlimited sense of freedom, a Personal Loan also gives you the freedom to do whatever you please with the money you acquire. Whether you want to consolidate debts, renovate your house or start your own business, a Personal Loan can be used for just about anything under the sun.

And you don’t have to hang upside down while talking to your banker either unless you want to get a face full of bug spray.

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4) Minimal Documentation

If you’re worried about compiling a massive pile of documents in order to avail a Personal Loan, well, think again. Just like the Hulk can get away with minimal clothing and walk around bashing people up in a pair of tiny, ratty, purple trousers, you barely need any documentation to apply for a Personal Loan.

All you need is ID proof, a proof of address and your income proof to be considered eligible to apply for a Personal Loan. Just make sure you don’t go all green with envy if someone else manages to snag a higher loan amount than you.

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Remember, with great loans come great responsibility, so make sure you make your payments on time. Now get yourself a Personal Loan and banish those outstanding dues to the Phantom Zone.

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