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By | December 18, 2023

The joy of spending and saving simultaneously is assured with a Cashback Credit Card. But is that all? Learn more about the most popular Credit Card category in India right here!

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Did you know that there is an indisputable MVP when it comes to the top-selling Credit Card type in India? As per a recent survey, an impressive 65% of Credit Card users in India prefer the simplicity of cashbacks over air miles or loyalty points. Rather than intricate reward systems, most people favour accumulating cashback with every Credit Card transaction.  

Although it may seem that you are getting mere pocket change with each transaction, the compounding effect is akin to loose change filling up a piggy bank. And the best thing is it all just happens so naturally with qualifying spends on your Credit Card.

Essential ‘Cashback’ Guidelines 

Before embarking on a cashback shopping spree, it is prudent to establish some fundamental guidelines. You must be aware of some of the general spend categories that do not provide any cashback. Mind you, this is not an exhaustive list.  

Cash advances on Credit Card? Not permissible. Balance transfers? Uh huh! Foreign currency transactions or lottery ticket purchases? Regrettably, all these spend categories do not grant you access to the cashback club. On top of the above, there are certain cards that do not provide cashbacks on rent payments, wallet reloads, jewellery purchases, school/education fees, utility/insurance payments, gift cards/vouchers, and train tickets.

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Your Preference Matters! 

Cashback Credit Cards present a variety of options when it comes to cashback accumulation. Some adhere to a straightforward fixed percentage (ranging from 0.5% to 5%), regardless of the nature or location of your purchases. 

Some adopt a more dynamic and tiered approach – the more you spend, the more you earn. To cite an example, you can earn 1% cashback if you spend less than Rs. 1 lakh annually and 2% cashback when you spend more than that. However, do spend wisely, as the pursuit of cashbacks can, at times, lead to reckless spending. 

There are also category-centric cards, each offering distinct cashback rates for specific categories – fuel expenditures, dining experiences, online purchases being the most prominent. It can get you cashbacks that range from 0.5% to 5%. 

Redeeming the Fruits of Your Efforts! 

Now, let us delve into the most gratifying aspect of cashback rewards. Yes, redeeming them! Whether you wish to reduce your Credit Card bill through statement credits, indulge in an online shopping spree, or pick a gift card you like, the choices are abundant. 

Some cards allow you to contribute your cashback to charities or embark on a dream vacation via their online portal. The flexibility even extends to using your cashback on platforms such as PayPal or – a testament to the versatility of these rewards. 

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Strategies for Maximum Benefits! 

 For optimal cashback gains on your Credit Card, you must be aware of these strategies: 

  • Align your card with your spending style and be on the lookout for superior options as your credit habits evolve.
  • Embrace bonus categories offered by your Credit Card and remember to keep track of them to maximise your benefits.
  • Seize limited-time offers as they present opportunities for additional cashback.
  • Peruse the Credit Card agreement thoroughly for transactions ineligible for cashback to ensure a smooth experience

What Else to Consider? 

 Cashback may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and a few factors warrant careful contemplation: 

  • Keep a watchful eye on annual fees, particularly if you are a modest spender, to avoid eroding your cashback gains. 
  • Resist the allure of cashback offers every now and then. Chasing cashbacks can often lead to overspending. Prioritise prudent financial decisions over impulsive choices. 
  • Ensure your favourite merchants/brands are on the approved list, aligning with the card’s specific focus, whether it be fuel, dining, or other categories. 
  • Familiarise yourself with any minimum monthly spending requirements or cashback caps imposed by your card. 

That’s all, we hope our expedition through the captivating world of cashback Credit Cards has equipped you with some good insights. From selecting the right card to navigating the intricacies of cashback, you are now prepared to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. Time to seize the ‘cashback’ bull by the horns and embark on your Credit Card adventure! 

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