Are You A Movie Buff? Here Are 5 Amazing Things A Credit Card Can Do For You

By | June 1, 2017

Are You A Movie Buff? Here Are 5 Amazing Things A Credit Card Can Do For You

Whether you’re a casual movie lover who catches a flick or two every week to relax or a hardcore movie buff who camps outside movie theatres in the pouring rain to make sure that you’re the absolute first person to get a ‘first day first show’ ticket, there’s no denying the fact that going to the movies can be a relatively expensive affair.

Gone are the days when you could get a balcony seat at your local theatre for Rs. 20. Today, you’d be lucky to get a single kernel of popcorn for that price. It’s no secret that going to the movies nowadays is akin to shoving a vacuum cleaner’s nozzle into your Savings Account.

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But, hey, if you’re worried about walking out of the hall with your wallet emptier than a politician’s promises, relax and make yourself comfy. Here are 5 amazing ways a Credit Card can not only enhance your movie-going experience, but help you save money as well while you chow down on a box full of greasy nachos.

So, put on your 3D glasses, melt into your sofa and get ready to be dazzled. (Unfortunately, we don’t have a roaring lion to kick things off since they were out of carnivorous beasts at the local flea market)

  • Get Free Movie Tickets

Yes! You heard that right. Absolutely FREE! Now, before you think this is a joke and decide to empty your can of Coke on us and stab us with your straw, you should know that there are certain Credit Cards out there that actually offer cardholders complimentary movie tickets.

For example, if you get hold of a Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Credit Card, you could land yourself 2 free PVR movie tickets as long as you spend Rs. 10,000 or more in a monthly billing cycle.

If you were spending that much every month on utility bills, groceries and other purchases by using cash, all you need to do is charge it to your Credit Card instead and pay back the amount every month. It’s easier than carrying or withdrawing cash every time you need to buy something, and you get free movie tickets by essentially making your life easier.

Similarly, if you happen to use BookMyShow to buy tickets to movies and other events around the city, all you need to do is get yourself an HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card and use it to book 2 movie tickets on the BookMyShow mobile app to get 1 movie ticket absolutely free.

With offers like that, you could practically watch a movie every month for absolutely nothing.

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  • Dining Discounts And Offers

Before you go dancing down the aisle with the usher in tow, you’ll be amazed to know that a Credit Card could even get you discounts at restaurants all over the country.

Picture this. You and your date are looking to chow down on a nice candlelight dinner before catching a mushy, romantic movie like Human Centipede. And, as luck would have it, the thought of watching a movie like this in all its salacious glory has made your date extremely ravenous.

However, one glance at the prices on the menu not just makes you lose your appetite, but forces you to grab onto the sides of the table to keep yourself from fainting as the world goes black all around you. And as cold beads of sweat trickle down your forehead, you hear a faint, but distinct whimpering coming from your wallet.

You do realise it doesn’t have to be this way, don’t you? With the right Credit Card snuggled in your back pocket, you could dine away at some of the snazziest restaurants without a care in the world.

For example, the HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card gives you exclusive dining privileges, with discounts up to 15% at leading 5-star hotels. In fact, this card even offers holders exclusive deals and discounts on movie tickets via the HDFC Bank Travel and Entertainment Portal.

Talk about having your cake and eating it too.

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  • Avail Cashback Offers

One of the niftiest benefits of a Credit Card is the possibility of actually getting money ‘back’ every time you use it to make a purchase. That’s right! With a Cashback Credit Card, you get to save a substantial amount of money over the course of time, which can be used to satiate your silver screen addiction.

Cashback Credit Cards also offer cash back on fuel spends and even cab rides through services like Uber, which will certainly work in your favour especially if you happen to frequently drive or take a taxi to watch the new movie in town.

And that’s not all. You can even collect reward points every time you make a purchase with your Cashback Credit Card. These points can then later be redeemed for a wide range of products including, you guessed it, vouchers for movie tickets.

With one of these Credit Cards by your side, you won’t need to feel guilty anymore about splurging on those gigantic popcorn tubs and massive milkshakes.

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  • It’s Convenient

Let’s face it. A Credit Card is ultimately all about convenience. Unless you’ve been living in a prehistoric cave with a bunch of fossils to keep you company, you should know that a Credit Card can make just about any purchase completely hassle-free.

When it comes to movies, you can use a Credit Card to book tickets online in a matter of seconds. In fact, if you’re short on cash and the urge to watch a movie hits you, all you need to do is walk up to the box office and swipe your card. It’s that simple.

Or, how about this? If you’re one of those movie buffs who prefers watching flicks at home on DVD, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade. With a Credit Card, you can get yourself a Netflix or Amazon Prime membership for an extremely affordable monthly fee and watch movies to your heart’s content.

If a lazy bones like you doesn’t find that tempting, then nothing will.

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  • Pay In Instalments

Have you ever dreaded those times when your relatives and their kids descend on your home from lands far, far away? You’re suddenly in charge of showing them a good time. And as luck would have it, they all want to head out for a movie.

But, it doesn’t end there. Your spouse chastises you for being a cheapskate because you won’t book gold class tickets at the theatre. This leaves you no choice, but to spend a massive amount in exchange for a few minutes of silence.

As you can imagine, making a bulk gold class ticket booking, plus spending on snacks for everyone, can set you back substantially. There’s every chance that you’ll be huddled in your seat with your head in your hands thinking about all the money you spent, while everyone around you is having the time of their lives.

Well, this is exactly the kind of situation that a Credit Card can salvage. With a Credit Card, you can make huge purchases and then pay back the amount in equal monthly instalments. Choose a Credit Card with a bank that offers this facility and you won’t ever have to feel the financial strain of spending gargantuan amounts of money in one go.

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So, the next time you head out for a movie and you shriek in horror because your bank just sent you an SMS passing on its condolences at the demise of your savings account, think about all the things a Credit Card can do for you. If ever there was a financial product that can turn in a 5-star performance, this is it.

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