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Debt instruments like bonds, G-secs, notes, mortgages, leases, etc

Should You Consider Other Investment Options If PPF Rates Fall Further?

No other debt instruments are as tax efficient, secure and attractive on return prospects in comparison to PPF. Let us take a look at other investment options if PPF rates fall further.

Should You Invest In Gilt Funds Right Now?

The one predictable thing about financial markets is their constant state of change. If you have been investing in the debt funds market, chances are that you may have heard about gilt funds. Here is everything you need to know about gilt funds including how they are different from regular debt funds and when it is a good time to consider investing in such funds.

What To Remember When Choosing The Right Debt Funds

Mutual Fund investments demand a fair bit of thought as these investments have certain risks that may not suit every type of investor. If you’re wondering whether to go the equity way or down the Debt Fund path, let us give you a few handy factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right Debt Funds.

How To Invest In MF When Your Time Horizon Is Less Than 5 Years

The biggest question you have to answer yourself when you are investing is: “What is the time horizon for my investment?” This helps your financial advisor in suggesting you the right asset and product. Uljhan Singh had to change his job and he got a fat cheque of Rs.5 Lakhs from his previous employer towards… Read More »

Proven Ways To Spice Up Your “Safe Savings”

No matter how savvy an investor you are, a little certainty of returns from the investment portfolio adds to your comfort. If equities give wings to your portfolio, fixed income instruments offer stability and certainty. Therefore, it is important to have a right mix of debt and fixed income investment options in your portfolio. Prateek… Read More »