What Your Choice Of Alcohol Says About Your Financial Acumen

By | January 23, 2018

You aren’t just what you eat, but what you drink as well. Find out what your choice of alcohol says about your ability to manage your finances.

What Your Choice Of Alcohol Says About Your Financial Acumen

Who doesn’t love a nice, stiff drink after a hard day’s work? It truly is one of life’s few pleasures worth savouring. But as the saying goes, ‘Everything in moderation’. You certainly don’t want to go overboard with your spirit or else you might wake up with a doozy of a headache.

Funnily enough, this rule can be applied to pretty much everything in life, but did you know your favourite drink could actually tell you a lot about your financial mindset? That’s right. Just like the ancients used to bore everyone by reading tea leaves and turkey innards, we’re going to take a shot at figuring out what makes you tick financially simply based on your choice of drink.


Ah, beer! If this golden, frothy, bubbly liquid is your choice of brew then you certainly are the king of good times! If you love your beer, just like any sane person should, you’re probably the kind of person who has no problem whipping out his Credit Card at the drop of a hat.

Admit it. You’ve swiped your card for truly exorbitant sums on more than one night out with the gang, right? And you’ve woken up the next morning with your head splitting and your spouse railing at you for muddying up the carpet, right?

Oh, and let’s take another educated guess. You’re also the type who ends up booking flight tickets to random places because you and your buddies had one too many pints and decided to let your more adventurous side take control of your senses.

Verdict: Yup, just as we suspected. You’re fun to hang out with. Spontaneous and cheerful, but not particularly savvy with your money. But hey, give us a call next time you head out. We’ll bring some Travel Insurance along just in case.

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Oh yeah! Few things can match the exquisite pleasure of rolling a good whiskey around your tongue, cherishing every moment before it makes its slow, fiery journey down your throat. Ah, bliss! If you’re the type who loves to relax alone with a glass of single malt and a couple of ice cubes, you’re also probably the type of person who appreciates the finer aspects of money and its obvious potential for growth.

We’d wager that you are the sort that carefully invests your wealth in a range of Fixed Deposit schemes and Mutual Funds. You certainly aren’t in a hurry, since you enjoy watching your investments grow slowly and steadily over time, before giving you a hell of a kick when they finally mature. Just like the finest whiskey money can buy.

Verdict: You’re the patient sort who loves to take time out from the craziness this world has to offer and ponder over your finances. Not one to take too many risks, you prefer sticking to tried and trusted investment options, content with the returns they bring you.

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The silent killer among spirits. Initially flattering to deceive before landing a heck of a knockout punch. Pretty much like that Russian dude in Rocky. If Vodka is your choice of poison, then it’s probably safe for us to assume that you’re the kind of person who fixes your steely gaze on stocks and high-risk investments.

You see things others can’t quite see, and while everyone else around you sticks with the obvious, you see potential. And before anyone can see it coming, BAM! You’ve made a killing on your investments.

Verdict: You’re almost Terminator-like when it comes to your finances. You’re calculating and precise, and once you’ve zeroed in on what you want, there’s no stopping you, regardless of the risk.

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Just like this dark and mysterious liquid, you like to keep your financial cards close to your chest. That, and you’re also a bit cheap. After all, many people prefer rum because it tastes great and it’s pretty inexpensive compared to everything else.

If you fall into this category, we’d wager that you don’t really have too much money to invest. And even if you do, you’d rather spend it on more important things. Like more rum. But all jokes aside, you prefer to operate at the quieter end of the financial spectrum, opening a Fixed Deposit here or a Public Provident Fund Account there. Not one to show off or brag about your financial status, you prefer drifting through life under the radar.

Verdict: You’re a low-key kind of guy. Not one to take any major risks with your money and pretty happy with what you have in your kitty, as long as it’s enough to get you through every month.

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Ah! Brandy. The best drink to pour down the hatch on those cold winter nights. There’s nothing quite like that fuzzy feeling brandy gives you, especially when it’s colder than a penguin’s foot outside. Brandy, of course, is best saved for a rainy, chilly day for obvious reasons.

Similarly, if this golden-brown spirit is up your alley, we’re pretty sure you’re the type of person who loves to save money all through the year, just in case you’re suddenly in dire need of it. You’re also the sort who takes out insurance policies like Life Insurance or Health Insurance, just to be on the safe side.

Verdict: It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? You aren’t the reckless kind. You budget your finances and plan for any contingency. You’re also a bit smug, safe in the knowledge that in the event of a financial collapse, you always have a backup plan allowing you to keep a cool head while everyone around you loses theirs. Don’t be surprised if we land up at your doorstep this Christmas to get into the spirit of things.

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Who doesn’t love a good whine….err wine? If you happen to be a wine connoisseur, you’re probably the kind of person who likes to keep things classy. You have a distinguished air about yourself and you’re probably well-versed in the nuances of everything related to finance. You’re the kind of person who carefully plans out your budgets, investments and future financial goals. In short, you’re the one most people look up to or come to for financial advice.

Verdict: Just like your demeanour, you tend to be patient and calm with your money. You place an emphasis on saving for the future while also making the most of the present. You don’t make financial decisions on the fly. Instead, you prefer doing your research before investing in various schemes and products. After all, you probably already picture yourself retiring comfortably, sitting in front of a fireplace on a nice armchair with a glass of Chardonnay.

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There. Wasn’t that more fun than decapitating a poor turkey? Looks like you really aren’t just what you eat, but what you drink as well. Hopefully, we were right on the money with our analysis or we’ll probably be out of a job.

Until next time, cheers!

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