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By | July 10, 2020

Resolutions, like pie crusts, are meant to be broken. Well, not if we can help it. If making the most of your hard-earned money is your goal, we’ve got you covered.

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We’ve prepared a list of hacks which will help you save your hard-earned money. In no particular order, here we go:

  • Fuel Credit Card– the Credit Card you use to pay for your fuel could actually save you money. There are a lot of Credit Cards out there that can save you 1% to 5% on your fill-ups, but some cards are better than others.
  • Click, Click, Click!– that smartphone in your pocket could help you do more than just waste time, it can also save you money on eating out. Some restaurants are creating their own apps that not only let you order before you get there but also deliver special promotions. Several apps can help you enjoy a great meal out without leaving you broke at the end of the night. Some apps even let you keep a track of your expenses and provide amazing financial knowledge too. For instance, the BankBazaar mobile app lets you keep a track of your Credit Card due dates, the gold, silver and fuel rates in your city and a lot more.
  • Be Vocal About Local– buying your fruits and vegetables from local farmers and stores accomplishes two things – you help grow your local economy, and you keep more money in your wallet. This is especially true if you are buying organic.
  • Pre-Loaded Grocery Shopping– it’s hard to resist some yummy-looking snack food while you’re grocery shopping. It’s a lot easier to turn down those impulsive purchases if you aren’t hungry while you’re shopping. Grab a snack before you go to the grocery store or take one with you. Your stomach will be full, and so will your wallet.

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  • Refinance – if you have an older loan at a much higher rate than is currently available, then refinance for a much lower interest rate and cut your payments way down.  Many times you can keep the exact same or reduce the number of years and still end up better off on the EMIs.
  • Review Your Bills – you never know when someone who is billing you will make a mistake or if you accidentally signed up for a service you didn’t want. So make sure to check your bills each month to make sure they are correct and that you understand them.
  • Write Away – it seems like a big task, but getting a full understanding of where your money is being spent is key to knowing how to spend it better.
  • Woohoo!– whenever you hit a milestone or one of your goals, take a small amount of money and have a little celebration. Then, get on with hitting the next goal. This works as motivation. Trust us!
  • Plan Ahead– when you have something in your home that is wearing out or you know something that will cost money is coming up, then you need to plan for that upcoming expense.  If you are planning for these expenses, you are going to spend less than if you only address them at the last minute.

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  • Kick It– we all have our bad habits, but some of them are bad on our wallet as well. Things like smoking, frequent alcohol consumption, or drug use is not only bad for our health but also bad on our back accounts.
  • Watch What You Eat– similar to getting enough exercise, what you eat could have a significant effect on your health, which then impacts how much you spend on your health. Eating a lot of bad food can lead to obesity or poor nourishment, which then typically leads to more medical bills.
  • Used Stuff– just about everything you buy for entertainment can be bought used. With 99% of the things you buy, it being used isn’t going to make a difference. With a lot of online marketplaces, buying used items has never been easier.
  • Quality – do your research when making any major appliance purchase? A better washing machine or fridge may cost you a little more, but if it is more energy efficient and lasts longer than the cheaper version then you will save money in the long run.

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  • LED– LED light bulbs are getting more and more affordable and they last between 10 and 20 years.  These are the light bulbs that will drastically cut your expenses and they don’t do weird things like the CFLs.
  • Go Slow– driving too fast can hurt your mileage. The faster you go, the less fuel-efficient your vehicle is going to be. Slow down and save.

There you go. The list comprises of tips that you’re probably aware of but never thought too much about. They work, that’s for sure. Go ahead and start!

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